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Collection: Surprise Your Kids with A Climbing Frame This Christmas

When it comes to a great Christmas present for the kids, a lot of parents consider a climbing frame. 

It tops the list of children’s Christmas lists as it’s a fun present they can use in the garden. It’s great for the spring and summer and the kids will get so much use out of it during the next few seasons.

Also, it’s a present that will last with climbing frames being suitable for young to older children.



You know they will get plenty of use out of the frame as they will play on it whatever the weather. If it’s sunny or raining, they will be out on the frame. Also, it’s ideal for socialising when they have friends over.

It will be the top item to play on when they have play dates and family parties. It also enhances their imagination and will ensure they keep on top of their physical skills.

Here is our guide to getting a climbing frame this Christmas.


What frame to go for?


If you are going to treat the kids to a climbing frame from Santa, the first thing you need to do is decide what frame to go for. You want to surprise them with a great frame that they will utilise and will provide them with so much fun.



First things first, think about the size. You want a climbing frame that will easily fit in your garden at a safe distance from other garden items, trees and plants. You want to ensure the kids have space around it to get on/off the frame and if they did have a fall, they wouldn’t land on something that would harm them. There is a great variety of climbing frames to go for whether you have a small or a large garden.



You also need to think about the upkeep of the climbing frame. You don’t want to get something that is too high maintenance to look after. It’s worth investing in a good, high-quality material that is long-lasting and won’t be hard to maintain. That way, you can ensure you can keep the frame for years to come.

You can always buy optional extras such as covers to help you ensure the climbing frame can withstand the harshest of weather.





Another thing to consider is the activities on the climbing frame. After all, you want a climbing frame that pushes their limits, allows them the freedom to explore and will provide them hours of fun to wear them out. A wooden climbing frame would be a great choice as a present and you can choose ones that have various activities such as slides, swings, a playhouse and monkey bars to name a few.

Consider what is important to your child and then you can pick out a climbing frame that suits your requirements. They are all so unique; you might find that a particular theme would suit your garden or your child. Look through the different climbing frames and you will find one which has everything your child needs to have a good time in the garden.


How to give them a great surprise with the gift

Once you have bought a climbing frame, a lot of parents are left with the job of trying to keeping it secret until Christmas day. After all, you want them to be surprised on the big day when they find the present waiting for them. Here are a few of our tips to ensure your child is left with a great surprise on Christmas morning.


Find somewhere to hide the frame 

Once your climbing frame has arrived, you need to find a great hiding place to ensure it stays a secret. After all, we know how suspicious kids are when it comes to presents at Christmas. And it’s a bit too big to hide under the tree. A wardrobe is a great place if you have space to hide the frame in the box until the big day.

But if you have a small wardrobe, a shed or garage is a great option. If they don’t use the room regularly, it’s a great hiding place. You could also go for the loft if you have plenty of space to hide the frame in the attic. Another option is a friend or family member’s home. After all, they can then give you the gift once Christmas Eve arrives.


Get them excited about the frame

You can talk and show them different climbing frames before the big day. Get them excited about the prospect of getting one and they will be hoping they get a frame on Christmas morning. It’s always good to get them to speak or write to Santa before the big day. That way, they can ask for the frame and it will add excitement for the big day.


Get them to sleep early on Christmas eve

You don’t want to get out the climbing frame then find out your kids aren’t properly sleep. It will ruin the surprise before they wake up in the morning. Therefore, ensure they are fast asleep in bed before you get the frame out. You can then position it under the tree for the big reveal the next morning.


Build it ready for the morning

 Instead of them waking up to find the box under the tree with the modular climbing frame inside, you could build it ready for them to find the next morning, You can build it ready for them to go on straight away in the garden.

That way, they will be ready to play and you won’t have to spend any of Christmas morning trying to install it in the garden. To build up the excitement you could always cover the doors to the garden with wrapping paper. They can rip it open to find the climbing frame in the garden.

And remember to leave evidence that Santa visited your home the night before. From ensuring the snacks are eaten to leaving a piece of Santa’s clothing, it will give them a special surprise on Christmas morning.

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