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What Are Modular Climbing Frames?

Modular Climbing Frames Explained

Basically when something is described as modular, it means that it supplied or delivered in parts or sections, and then it is assembled onsite. You might also have heard of modular houses, cars or computers.

modular climbing frame options at adventure climbing frames ireland

In this way, modular climbing frames are supplied in sections, and then built onsite. With easily interchangeable parts, there are a number of options that can be easily added to your climbing frame base unit, including:

  • Swing Sets - including nest swings, rope ladders, trapeze swings, tyre swings, seesaws and gliders,
  • Climbing Walls & Cargo Nets for the more adventurous kids out there,
  • Mud Kitchens & Giant Outdoor Blackboards
  • Slides - twisters, double slides, wave slides and straight slides,
  • Towers, Rope Bridges & Playhouses
  • Fireman's Poles,
  • Monkey Bars and A-frames,
  • and so much more...

To discuss some of the options that may be a good fit for your kids and your garden, simply phone us on 01 960 1641

 Modular Climbing Frames Ireland