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A Guide to Buying a New Climbing Frame for Your Kids

There are many reasons why a climbing frame would be a great option for your family. For one thing, it is a great way of getting them off their devices and out into the great outdoors.


They can get some fresh air and have some fun while in the garden. It will provide them with hours of fun, especially when playing on the frame with their friends. It’s also a great way to boost their physical health when they start playing on the climbing frame. They will let off some steam which is also excellent for their mental health.

When it comes to buying a climbing frame, it can feel like a mission to choose a good one. After all, there are so many available on the market that it can make it difficult to decide which one is right for your family.

Here is our guide to buying a new climbing frame for your kids.


1. What material do you want to go for?

When it comes to choosing a climbing frame for your kids, you need to first consider which material you want for the frame. After all, you will want one which will withstand poor weather, especially as we head into autumn and winter.

The wind, rain, and snow can damage particular materials and leave you with broken parts. But as well as considering how weather-resistant it is, you need to think about the kids as well when it comes to choosing the material.

After all, if you have younger-aged children, plastic might be more appropriate. It’s easier to use and wipe if they do get messy hands on the climbing frame. However, wood will last for years if you do purchase a climbing frame made from this.

It will grow with your children and will withstand bad weather, so it is a popular choice for a climbing frame.


2. What do you require from the climbing frame?

If you have younger children, you might only need a frame that has a small slide and a swing. After all, they are building up their confidence as they are getting more independent. But for older children, they will want fun and exciting things to do on the frame.

There are various types of climbing frames such as ones that need better upper body strength as they are built with monkey bars and climbing walls. These are perfect for older kids who are looking for a challenge.

You could also go for one which has a lookout tower. Kids love looking out from a good height over the garden and it will help them to work on their imagination skills too. You can even find climbing frames that incorporate a sandpit which is extra fun for children.

It’s also useful as you then don’t need this separated from the rest of the play area. Before you look at frames, make sure you think about what’s most important to the kids.

After all, if your children love slides, this might be your priority and you could choose a frame that has multiple slides in different designs. Or if you know they are going to love the lookout towers, you might want to go for one which has ones at either end of the frame. Once you have thought about this, it will help you to make your decision between different frames for the kids.

 It’s also a good idea to consider if you are going for a certain theme in the garden. After all, there are particular frames that are built like a pirate ship or like a playhouse or like a secret den.

If you want to theme the garden around a specific theme you think your kids would like, it’s worth thinking about this before deciding on a climbing frame to buy your kids.


3. Where should you place the climbing frame?

Another important factor when buying a climbing frame is to consider where you will put it in the garden. You need to ensure you pick an area that is flat with the ground level. You don’t want the climbing frame to get damaged due to the uneven floor.

Therefore, find an area of flat grass (which is cut regularly) where it can live or you can even invest in some bark chippings and put these in the garden.

These will help to keep the climbing frame in a good position. You then need to ensure that there is nothing around the area that could be a potential hazard not only to the climbing frame but if your child falls off it. You don’t want them to obtain a serious injury as it was too close to the patio for example.


It’s always worth putting the climbing frame in an area that is 1.5 metres away from anything in the garden. Take this into account when choosing the climbing frame for your garden.

Once you have an area in mind for the climbing frame, do make sure you measure the area properly before looking online. You don’t want to buy one which won’t fit in your garden.

Therefore, correctly measure the area in the garden and check online to make sure the new equipment will fit well in the back garden. All the correct sizes are shown on the site so that you can make a good decision with the dimensions. When thinking about the size, do think about the size of your kids too.

You don’t want something which is going to be too high for them to use safely. But at the same time, you need something which will grow with your kids. After all, a climbing frame is a great investment piece for the garden which can last your children years to come. Therefore, make a decision on a frame which they can safely use now and in the future too.

Whichever climbing frame you go for, make sure you read exactly how it is put together so you are not in for a surprise on the day. Our frames range from 200 to 21,000 so there are plenty of different choices of climbing frames depending on what you require for the kids.



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