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Collection: Best Climbing Frames for Small Gardens

What Climbing Frame Options Do You Recommend for Small Gardens?

Climbing frames are a great option for the garden. They keep children entertained with the fun and exciting activities. Whether they are swinging on monkey bars, having adventures in playhouses or hurtling down the slide, it’s one of the most popular pieces of equipment you can buy for the garden.


And the best thing of all is it gets them out of the house, enjoying the fresh air and getting physically active. But while we would all love to have large gardens, some families have limited space which might stop them from buying a climbing frame for their garden.

First things first, decide on what your priorities are for the climbing frame. If there is a particular piece of equipment that they enjoy such as the swing, the playhouse or the slide, you can focus on ensuring they have this piece of equipment in the garden.

You can then disregard the others to ensure it fits well in the garden. And remember that they can still enjoy playing even if it’s a small climbing frame. Here are a few options if you do have a small garden so that your kids will still get to enjoy a climbing frame.


A swing set


There are several options when it comes to climbing frames that will ensure your child still gets to enjoy swinging in their garden. There are several smaller frames that have a colourful swing that will give your child hours of joy. Whether you just go for one which comes with the seat, hooks and frame or opt for a double swing frame, they will have lots of fun and it will allow them to enjoy some adventure play.

While you might want a traditional swing seat which is a classic choice that kids of all ages will enjoy, there are a variety of swings available which might suit your kid better. For instance, you might want to go for a nest swing which will enable your child to enjoy the swinging motion while with a friend or two or even a twist swing seat which will let them go fast and spin around.

You could also get a climbing frame that comes with a baby swing. That way, even the little one of the family gets to enjoy a climbing frame in your small-sized garden. There are always additional pieces of equipment you could add to the sides such as a monkey bar for them to swing on while another child is on the swing. And in a wealth of colours, they will love their new swing set.




A playhouse


Another great option for your small-sized garden is a playhouse. These are ever so popular as not only are they climbing up the stairs to new heights but then they can also play up there with their friends. They allow children to explore their imagination and have a wealth of adventures in the play tower.

And while they will have hours of fun in a playhouse, they are also good for those with small gardens as they don’t take up much room. They are very narrow so they can easily fit in a garden with limited room.

A lot of the wooden playhouses are very popular as the structure is built to last and offers everything a traditional wendy house does but still has the climbing frame element. They can climb up the stairs to the playhouse with their friends and imagine they are elsewhere.

You can also go for colourful doors and windows that they will love. It’s also a great piece of equipment for even smaller children who are getting more confident at exploring new equipment.


A tower with slide


A lot of kids love to go down the slide in their garden. It’s one of the top choices when it comes to equipment for outdoor use. But people with a small garden worry they won’t have much space for a slide. However, if you go for a playhouse or even a tower with a slide they will easily fit in your garden and will provide hours of fun for the kids.

One of the most popular forms of climbing frames out there, a lot of people go for this platform and slide option. They not only get to climb up and explore the world around them, but they also then get to zoom down the slide as fast as they want. They won’t get bored going back up to the top and doing it time and time again with their friends.

It offers excellent value for money and will bring them hours of fun. There are various ones available that will be suitable for the garden. For instance, you might want to choose a playhouse that comes with a slide for the kids. That way, they can enjoy everything the playhouse has to offer before coming down the slide.

Or you might want to go for a play tower which offers them space to climb and stand at the top before going down the slide. They also come in a wealth of colours to make them perfect for your child.

And some quick final tips on finding a good climbing frame for your small garden:


1. Do measure your garden first before picking a climbing frame- you might be surprised to find that you need less room than you first thought. Every climbing frame will have the exact measurements so you can check your garden before making the purchase.


2. Consider creating your own- You can custom make your climbing frame choosing exactly what you require in your garden. That way, you can decide on what exactly is right for you. And if you do move in a few years, you can always add on more equipment to make it right for your new garden.


3. Make more room in your garden- Could you remove some of the patio to create an area with artificial grass? Is there any furniture that you don’t use to make space for the frame? You will be surprised how much wasted space you might have in the garden.

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