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Collection: Best Climbing Frames for Large Gardens

When it comes to choosing a climbing frame for the garden, there are several things you need to take into account. For starters, you need to think about the design.


After all, you want a climbing frame that offers plenty of fun activities for the kids and wows them in the garden. You also want to think about quality when choosing a climbing frame. You want a frame that will last for years and grow with your children. You need one which will withstand bad weather and stay in a good condition.

Another thing you will need to consider is the size. The climbing frame you go for in the garden will depend on the size of your back garden.

If you are limited for space, you will have to purchase a climbing frame that is of small size. That way, your family can use it safely and you will have ample space to place it in the garden.

Thankfully, there are a variety of smaller size climbing frames to suit your garden.

However, if you do own a property with a large garden, you can choose a thrilling climbing frame that will entertain the kids for hours on end. You can bring the park to you and be the talk of your street as the kids will all want to play in your garden. But there is such a variety of climbing frames, it can be hard choosing just one for the garden.

Therefore, here is our guide to the best climbing frames for large gardens.

Top Outdoor Climbing Frames for Big Gardens



1. A frame that includes a playhouse

If you have space, you should consider looking at a climbing frame that includes a playhouse. This is perfect for the kids as they can climb to the top of the climbing frame then spend time in the playhouse on their own or with friends.

They will love feeling like they are high in the sky and will have plenty of adventures up in the playhouse. Whether they will imagine they are in a rocket, out on a safari or in a water world, their imagination will run wild with these playhouses.

A lot of the climbing frames combine the playhouse with a slide. That way, they can climb up and then go down the stairs to return to the ground. They will love climbing up and down to use the slide and the playhouse. For larger gardens, it’s worth adding the playhouse as it’s another great activity that offers endless opportunities for the kids.


2. A climbing frame with multiple swings

It’s also a good idea to look at climbing frames that have multiple swings if you have a larger garden. They can then have a great choice of swings to choose from when they are in the garden.

Whether they want to go on the multiple swing, the net swing or even a toddler swing, have multiple swings offers them lots of fun for hours on end. It’s also perfect for those families with multiple kids. They can all have a go on the swings at the same time without any arguments.

And it’s ideal for the range of ages as they can all use it despite the different ages. It will keep each member of the family happy. They will also go out and use the swings when they have friends around the home. It’s ideal for socialising and they will spend ages outside on the swings together.


3. A frame with a sandpit included

When you have a larger garden, it’s worth looking at extra pieces that will work well with the frame such as a sandpit. All kids love going out and playing in the sand in their garden. From making castles to buying parts of their body (and their siblings) they have so much fun with sand.

But rather than a separate climbing frame, why not opt for one which has a sandpit included. They will love being able to spend time playing on the frame and then playing with the sandpit. It’s perfect for kids to play with and will be a much-loved part of the climbing frame.


4. A frame that comes in a set theme

Whether you have kids who are obsessed with pirates or have children who love castles and princesses, there are climbing frames that will work well if you have space in the garden. You can go for one which comes in a pirate boat theme for them to play with for hours on end.

They will adore playing with this in the garden with the many great activities that come with it. Or the castle climbing frames with princess tunnels and slides would be ideal for little princesses. Whatever theme you are after, you can make it a reality if you have a larger garden.


5. A frame with a climbing wall

Climbing walls are more popular than ever with children. They just love going out to the local climbing frame centre or playing at the local park on the climbing wall. If you have a larger garden, you can ensure they get to do some climbing at home if you go for a frame that has incorporated a climbing wall on the side.

They will love practising their climbing skills by bravely taking on the climbing wall. It’s a great activity that will grow with your child as they learn to do it over the years. And if you have a larger garden, it’s a lot safer to have one of these as your child will have more space if they do have a fall when attempting the climbing wall.

 And remember that just because you have a large garden, it’s not always necessary to fill it all with the climbing frame.

There are some great climbing frames out there that offer all the activities you need without taking up too much space. That way, you can still landscape your garden effectively while adding a climbing frame that will entertain the children.

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