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"We purchased a beautiful swing and slide set from Adventure Climbing Frames. Customer service was excellent and very professional thanks to Gary, price, quality and delivery was excellent. The children are having hours of fun."

Christina Tobin

We ordered a fabulous climbing frame from Gary. Great customer service, price and great quality. Highly recommend! Kids are delighted too!

Lucy Bennett

What the Experts Have to Say ABout oUtdoor play

Play is the highest form of research.

Albert Einstein

No barefooted, tree climbing, mud pie baking, cloud spotting, puddle stomping, bird calling, wild foraging, star gazing, firefly chasing, den building, stream paddling, rock hunting moment with Mother Nature ie ever wasted.

Nicolette Sowder

Play builds the kind of free-and-easy, try-it-out, do-it-yourself character that our future needs.

James L Hymes Jr.

Most of what children need to learn during their early childhood years cannot be taught; it's discovered through play.

Ruth Wilson

When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

Alexander Den Heijer

Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.

Kay Redfield Jamison

If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them out of their chairs.

Nicolette Sowder


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The Benefits of Climbing Frames for Kids

Keeping children active is not just important for banishing boredom and having lots of fun. It is also essential for their overall health and wellbeing too. Ni Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are easy to install at home, as well as enjoy in the school playground or park, and provide hours of endless fun, activity and the chance to really use their imagination.

Here are just a few of the great benefits of climbing frames for kids:

1. Ideal for All Ages to Play Together

One of the great benefits of climbing frames is that they can be enjoyed by children of all ages. From toddlers to teens, climbing frames provide a challenging and exciting way to explore. Whilst younger children can enjoy learning to balance and find their feet - literally! - older children can still get involved too.

With so many climbing frames to choose from, it is easy to discover one with both high level and lower level activity points. By playing together in this way, a climbing frame also offers children of different age groups the perfect way to play together nicely and communicate.

This makes for better team work skills and also improves communication between age groups too, for more harmonious game play. It also helps children to more easily connect with one another, which can sometimes be challenging where they are bigger age gaps. In this way, a climbing frame successfully encourages children of all age groups to play positively together, whether in the playground or at home.

2. Builds Children's Confidence

Using a climbing frame doesn't just encourage children to climb to the top physically, it also boosts mental confidence too. No matter their age, a climbing frame can encourage children to really push themselves, in order to complete all the various activities a multifaceted climbing frame has to offer.

As they grow up, children learn that sometimes risk taking is necessary. Using a climbing frame is a great way to encourage those sensible risk taking choices. If children don't manage to complete a climbing frame challenge, they know that they can simply start again, or try a different way of getting around the problem.

This also helps children learn the idea of personal boundaries as well, encouraging them to know just how far to push themselves and when to pull back.

3. Playing Whilst Problem Solving

A climbing frame can help children to feel safe and supported when trying new things, and can also enable children to problem solve more effectively too.

Deciding where exactly to put their feet and hands will dictate the route a child takes when using the climbing frame. This means that children can quickly figure out what works well - and what might lead to them having to get down and start again!

By enabling children to climb and play in so many different ways, a climbing frame is so much more than just a piece of playground equipment. It actually acts as an effective problem solving apparatus too.

4. Blow Off Some Steam

As climbing frames enable children to use both their physical stamina and mental focus, they make the perfect place for children to blow off some steam too!

With so many different wants to tackle a climbing frame, either going up, down, swinging, sideways or even under, they are perfect for children who need to use up all that extra energy. The puzzle games posed by climbing frames, especially more modern designs, also allow for children to use their mental energy by engaging in practical problem solving.

This is especially important during the current time, as due to the pandemic, many children have had to miss out on enjoying practical puzzle solving games in the classroom.

Climbing frames provide a safe and stimulating way for children to use up their energy, both mentally and physically too.

5. Encourages a Better Grip

Children of all ages love to climb, so much so that they probably don't realise how many muscle groups they are using!

Playing on a climbing frame is not just fun, but practical too, as it encourages improved dexterity and gives children a better overall grip.

This means children are not just using their larger muscle groups to exert themselves as they lift themselves up. It also means that children are using their hands and fingers in much more specific movements too. This is especially true of climbing frames where they may be added details, such as sliding abacus balls or wall mounted grips.

By using their hands and fingers in these dexterous ways, playing on a climbing frame can also help children in the classroom, with an improvement to handwriting skills and confidence when correctly holding a pencil.

6. Staying Active and Healthy

Getting children to want to play outside can sometimes be a challenge, especially with so many screens and inside activities vying for their attention.

Luckily, a climbing frame provides a diverse range of play and activities for all age groups to enjoy. Using a climbing frame is always fun for children, but it also offers a very effective cardiovascular form of exercise too, as well as being excellent for strengthening muscles. If we want children to grow up into healthy adults, it is essential to instill the importance of staying active during childhood.

Playing outside on a climbing frame is an excellent way to show children just how much fun staying active can be, allowing them to exercise without even realising it.

Leading an active and healthy childhood can also protect them from suffering in later life with many debilitating adult conditions, such as osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease.

Getting children to play outside is also the most effective way to ensure that they are getting their daily dose of Vitamin D too, which is vital for strong bones.

7. Becoming More Independent

A climbing frame can help improve so many aspects of a child's development. From making them a better team player, to becoming a more effective problem solver to using their hands and feet in ways they never have before.

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It is therefore perhaps no surprise that using a climbing frame is also a great way to help children become more independent too. By building on all of these essential tools for better self-esteem, such as creatively solving problems, taking more risks and helping out their friends, children naturally become more independent.

Helping children to discover their inner self-confidence at such a young age can do wonders as they go into later life. Something as simple as playing on a climbing frame can really teach a child all the different skills they need in order to tackle a whole range of other problems in the future.

So, whether you are looking to build your own climbing frame at home, encourage your children to play more on one at school, or head to the local park playground, there are now so many ways for children to enjoy the benefits of climbing frames.

Climbing Frame Components & Options

We offer a huge range of options and accessories for your trampoline including:


baby swings, tyre swings, rubber & wooden swings, disc swings, seesaw swings, nest swings, pizza swings, gymnastic rings, bucket swings, swinging benches and more.


rope ladders, cargo nets, climbing ropes & rope bridges.


sandpits, towers, slides and ladders, playhouses, telescopes, periscopes, steering wheels, play benches, mud kitchens and blackboards.


tube slides, wave slides, commercial slides, stainless steel slides and spiral slides.


cargo nets, rock walls, firemans poles, gymnastic rings, monkey bars & A-frames.

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