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Collection: Climbing Frames for Nurseries & Pre-Schools

Tips on Choosing a Climbing Frame for your Nursery, Pre-School or Creche

It’s so important for the development of children for them to enjoy outdoor play. And it’s great to utilise the outdoor area of the nursery, preschool or creche so that they can go outdoors and get active.

Not only is playing outside important for their physical health, but it is also excellent for their mental health. It’s also excellent for boosting socialisation with the kids playing together in some outdoor activities. And learning outside is beneficial as the children learn about the outside world. One of the best things for the outdoor area is a climbing frame. It’s a great piece of equipment which young children love to use.

They can work on their physical health while enjoying the equipment. And it is long-lasting so will be able to stay in the grounds of the nursery, pre-school or creche for years to come. It’s an investment piece for the nursery to purchase and use throughout the years.

Here is our guide to buying a climbing frame for a nursery, preschool or crèche.


Look at climbing frames of the highest quality


With the climbing frame being a feature piece in the outdoor area, the kids will head straight to use this when they go outdoors. Over time, it will have plenty of use and this is when the effects can show on the frame. You might end up having to replace certain parts of the frame and the maintenance can be time-consuming and costly.

Therefore, to ensure this isn’t reality, it’s important you go for a high-quality climbing frame that will withstand heavy use. You want something easy to maintain and won’t get damaged easily. Therefore, when all the children are using the climbing frame regularly, you don’t have to worry about the costs of replacing parts.

Also, going for a high-quality piece of equipment means it will hopefully withstand the weather all-year-round. After all, the autumn and winter’s winds, rain and storms can damage the equipment. Also, remember when choosing the material that you also go for a good long-lasting material. There are a variety of materials, but wood is the most popular to go for as this will last for years and is of the best quality for the climbing frame.


Ensure the frame will be adequate for multiple children


When you get a climbing frame for an early years setting, it’s going to be very popular with the children. They will all want to have a go on the frame when it’s time to go outside and play.

Therefore, when you buy a climbing frame, you need to go for one which will be able to hold several children at once. You want multiple children to be able to play on the frame at once so that children don’t have to wait for ages to use the climbing frame.

Look at the frames which offer a range of play equipment such as swings, slides and monkey bars so that several children can use the frame at once. A climbing frame with multiple swings would be good so that the children can play on this alongside their classmates in their room.

You can always pick a frame and then add on pieces to make it perfect for your setting. That way, it will be new and exciting for the kids when the climbing frame does arrive at the nursery, pre-school or creche.

Best Climbing Frames for Creches & Nurseries in Ireland


Pick a climbing frame that is age-appropriate


The climbing frames that you can purchase are all suitable for a range of ages. Therefore, it’s important to pick out a climbing frame that is age-appropriate for the early years. After all, you don’t want to purchase one which will be unsuitable for them to use. It might have activities that are too hard for them and could potentially be unsafe. There might be a slide that is too high or a climbing wall on the side of the frame which will be very difficult for the specific age range.

There are plenty of climbing frames in stock that are suitable for younger kids. For instance, you can get frames that come with toddler swings as well as traditional swings and rope style swings. Also, you can get frames that have playhouses which might interest younger kids. It can boost their imagination and let them conduct role-play with other children.


Consider which size is right for the outdoor area


Another thing you need to do when picking a climbing frame for a nursery, pre-school or creche is to make sure you choose the right size for the outdoor area. After all, you want to make sure that it will fit safely in the garden. It needs to have enough space for the kids to be able to get on and off safely.

There should also be plenty of room on either side of the frame so that if they did fall off the climbing frame, they wouldn’t land on anything which could harm them. You need to make sure you measure the area where the climbing frame will go in the outdoor setting. You can then check out the measurements of the climbing frame you are interested in to make sure that it will fit properly.

When picking out an area for the climbing frame, make sure that you choose an area that is laid to lawn or has wood chippings. You also need to ensure the ground is flat so that the frame will stand in place. After all, if it’s uneven, the frame could fall and cause an injury to the child.

Also, the climbing frame needs to be a sufficient distance from the fence. That way, they won’t hurt themselves if they knock into the fence. And also if there was bad weather, the frame can’t get damaged.

We stock climbing frames from the most reputable brands that have a wide range of experience in creating high-quality climbing frames. You can check out the climbing frames on offer to find which one is right for your nursery, pre-school or creche.

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