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Best Kids Tablets Ireland

As more and more of us are spending time on our tablets and mobile devices, it is little wonder that our kids want to too!

But, many parents are worried about encouraging their children to stare at a screen. Luckily for them, several recent studies have suggested that a tablet can actually be a great way to aid your child's development (as long as it comes with the right apps and parental supervision!)

Although with so many now on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Let's swipe through a few options…


Display: 8"

Thousands of books, movies and apps in the palm of their hand.

This tablet is protected by a tough kid-proof case available in blue, pink, or purple.

If tiny hands manage to damage it, don't worry – it comes with a 2-year, worry-free guarantee!

It has a whopping 32GB storage, is fully wifi compatible, and easily charged using the USB cable supplied.

It has easy to use parental controls that you can use to limit screen time, set educational goals, and manage content.

Best features:
• 2-year guarantee
• Rugged case
• Innovative parental controls


Display: 7"

Download thousands of learning apps, games, and videos for free with this Andriod tablet.

This tablet comes with a soft, silicone case designed to provide maximum protection against bumps and drops. It is also fitted with an adjustable stand.

The tablet has full access to all of the latest Google services such as Google Play, where you can find a range of apps suitable for your particular child.

It has a parental control function that allows you to set up different accounts for yourself and the children. This will enable you to monitor the sites to which they have access and the amount of screentime allowed.

Best features:
• Silicone case
• Full Google access
• Parental controls


Display: 7"

Perfect for toddlers - get them playing and learning with their very first tablet.

This wifi-enabled tablet has password control, a one-button lock screen 16GB of internal storage.

It is excellent for live-chatting with friends and family, making videos, taking photos, and even posing for the odd selfie!

It has access to Google services, which allows you to access thousands of age-appropriate apps.

It also has a robust silicone case to protect against mishaps.

Best features:
• 16GB storage
• Access to Google services
• Silicone case


Display: 7"

A responsive, easy to use tablet with an energy-saving processor.

This tablet comes pre-installed with a PaintBox app, which teaches kids how to draw shapes, paint lines, and identify colours and patterns.

It has a vivid HD display which maximises the viewing experience from all angles. It also has an eye-health function that automatically adjusts and optimises the backlight for comfortable night-time reading.

It is quick charging, full in under 3 hours, and it has a long, 8-hour long battery life.

Best features:
• 2-year guarantee
• Rugged case
• Innovative parental controls


Display: 7"

A multi-function tablet – perfect for kids from 2-12 years

This tablet has a GMS certified Android 8.1 system that is compatible with a wide range of apps, games and learning software.

It has an IWAWA parental control system that keeps your kids away from unsuitable websites so they can learn and play in safely.

It has a dual-camera perfect for taking photographs, video chatting, and selfies.

A nice product at a competitive price.

Best features:
• Dual camera
• IWAWA control system
• Great for younger and older children

WOLSEN Kids Tablet


Display: 2.7"

A perfect choice for their very first tablet.

This tablet comes complete with a little QWERTY keyboard and a small 2.7" screen.

It has five learning centres, including languages, numbers, logic games, and has 104 different pre-programmed activities.

This tablet will help your kids learn the alphabet, basic arithmetic, develop their lateral thinking with puzzles and mazes, and develop their vocabulary.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to take it anywhere. Plus, it can even be0 connected to your TV!

Best features:
• Educational
• Connects to TV
• Keyboard

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