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Best Hoverkarts 2021

Hoverkarts are a great way to get about, which can be used as an attachment to easily convert your hoverboard into a hoverkart instead.

Hoverkarts can be used on a variety of different surfaces and terrains, and most are adjustable to fit a number of hoverboards.

Here are the best 5 hoverkarts for 2021.

1. iRoller

Fun and Funky Design

Colour: Graffiti Print | Fits All Hoverboards: Yes | Attachment Size: 6.5", 8", 10" | Extras: 1 x extra Velcro strap |

  • Fits all hoverboards
  • Ride on lots of surfaces
  • Basic control levers

This fun and funky hoverkart comes with an eye-catching graffiti print with the ability to fit onto all hoverboards.

This hoverkart is suitable to ride on for lots of different surfaces and terrains, along with basic control levers so that you can easily maneuver backwards, forwards and 360 degrees too.

2. Gift Gadgets

A Great Safe Choice

Colour: Galaxy Print | Fits All Hoverboards: Yes | Attachment Size: 6.5", 8", 10" | Extras: Adjustable Frame |

  • Adjustable frame
  • Improved balance
  • Basic control features

This hoverkart comes with an easily adjustable frame and allows for improved balance when attached to a hoverboard.

The basic control features make this hoverkart easy to control in all different directions, whether you are looking to reverse, go forwards or turn at 360 degrees, and the shock-absorbing wheels help to give a smoother ride to this hoverkart too.

3. GeekMe

The Techiest Choice

Colour: Yellow Graffiti | Fits All Hoverboards: No | Attachment Size: 6.5" | Extras: Flashing Wheels, Bluetooth Speaker |

  • Extra safety features
  • Added balance
  • Lots of added extras

The GeekMe hoverkart is perfect for Tech lovers and includes a Bluetooth speaker, LED flashing wheels, and bonus safety features too, such as short circuit and battery protection, temperature monitoring, and faulty indicator lamp for added peace of mind.

The rubber tyres help to give a smooth and extra balanced ride when using, making this the perfect choice for frequent riders as well as those who may be new to owning a hoverkart too.

4. Gift Gadget Racer

The Comfiest Hoverkart

Colour: Pink Graffiti | Fits All Hoverboards: Yes | Attachment Size: 6.5 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch | Extras: No |

  • Adjustable foot pedals and frame
  • Easy control
  • High quality

This hoverkart has an adjustable frame and foot pedals, making it easy to use for riders of any height.

The basic controls make it easy to move this hoverkart forwards, backward as well as 360 degrees as well.

This high-quality hoverkart also includes easy braking controls too for added safety, control along with of course additional rider peace of mind.


Includes Hoverboard for Best Value

Colour: Blue | Fits All Hoverboards: No| Attachment Size: 6.5" | Extras: Includes Hoverboard, LED Indicator, Bluetooth |

  • Hoverboard included
  • Tech features
  • Auto balance

This great value choice includes a hoverboard as well as hoverkart, and has great added features including an LED indicator and Bluetooth speaker.

The hoverkart easily attaches to the hoverboard and the auto-balance feature makes this one of the most stable and safe options to choose from.

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