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Best Standing Desks for Home Offices Ireland


A standing desk offers a great way to improve your health whilst working in an office environment.

A standing desk helps to lower weight gain, encourages movement and can also reduce back pain, lower blood sugar and also lower the risk of heart disease too.

Most standing desks still offer plenty of space for all your office essentials whilst working too, so you do not have to compromise your working environment when switching to a standing desk.

Here are some of our favorite standing desks below -

1. ALLDREI Standing Desk

Best Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Size: 70cm, 120cm | Colour: Grey | Material: Plastic | Maximum Weight: 100kg

  • Dual motor design
  • 4 memory function
  • Easy up and down controls

This easy to operate electric desk is a simple standing desk that would suit a range of office spaces.

The dual-motor design is powerful and the four memory function helps you to easily find the perfect height.

This standing desk is easy to operate too thanks to its simple up and down controls. 

2. sogesfurniture Adjustable Standing Desk

Best Ergonomically Designed Standing Desk

Size: 60 x 30 x 70cm | Colour: Oak | Material: Wood | Maximum Weight: Not Specified

  • Wheel design
  • up to 115cm height
  • 2 platforms

This standing dog is ergonomically designed to fit into even the smallest of office spaces and comes in a wheel design so it is easy to move around too.

This standing desk can reach heights of up to 115cm and has two handy platforms so you can separate your monitor and keyboard with ease. 

3. BONTEC Mobile Workstation

Top Multi-Platform Standing Workstation Choice

Size: 94.8 x 77.8 x 12.2 cm | Colour: Black | Material: Steel | Maximum Weight: 20kg

  • 4 platform shelves for added space
  • Sturdy base
  • 950 to 1390 mm height

This standing desk is the ultimate mobile workstation as it has four handy shelves for you to store all your essentials and still have plenty of space to work.

The sturdy base is secure yet still moveable on wheels and this desk can reach heights of 950 to 1390 mm too. 

4. FLEXISPOT EG1 Height Adjustable Desk

Best Strong and Durable Standing Desk Option

Size: 115 x 45 x 23.2 cm | Colour: White, Maple | Material: Steel | Maximum Weight: 60kg

  • Stable robust support
  • Heavy load capacity
  • Powerful two-stage motor

This standing desk can handle weights of up to 60kg and is made from steel to provide a stable and robust supportive standing desk.

The powerful motor helps to raise this desk in two stages, so you can easily find the perfect working height for you. 

5. TOPSKY Dual Motor Electric Adjustable Desk

Great Advanced Standing Desk Base

Size: 80.49 x 36.5 x 22 cm | Colour: Black | Material: Steel | Maximum Weight: 102kg

  • Powerful low noise motor
  • 70cm to 120cm adjustable height
  • LCD display

This standing desk base comes with lots of great features, including an LCD display screen so you can check its height, and has 3 memory heights worth of storage too.

This standing desk has an adjustable height of 70cm to 120cm and the powerful motor is quiet so will not disturb others working close to you.

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