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Top 10 Kids Scooters for 2021

If you're looking for hobbies that will tempt your children outdoors, a scooter is as fun as it is addictive.

Many of today's scooters have adjustable handlebars and seats to leave room for a few years of growth.

Adolescent adrenaline junkies will need something a little more challenging, and swivel scooters offer exactly that.

They're designed for twists and tricks, so pack your things and head to the skate park for a wholly different experience.

If your child is still developing their scooter skills, try a three-wheel or scissor design that's easy to balance on.

You shouldn't choose a scooter without considering its wheels.

Wide air tires will smooth out the ride and improve safety.

The market has scooters for every need and preference. Let's take a closer look.


#1: Ozbozz Unicorn Scooter


If the little girl in your life needs a few more unicorns, Ozbozz has them in spades.

The Unicorn Scooter has light-up wheels that will delight any little person.

This model has an adjustable height and folds away.


The foldable design is easy to carry by hand or in the boot.

Adjustable handlebars grow with your child.

Light-up wheels turn off when the scooter isn't in motion.


These wheels are narrow and hard, so they provide a bumpy ride.


#2: Bopster Two-wheeled Folding Kick Scooter


This blue camouflage scooter will appeal to boys and tomboys.

It's designed for kids of five to 14 — a significant age range.

The foldable frame and lightweight design make it easy to carry and store when not in use. A rear brake and high rebound provide a stable journey.


The convenient, foldable design clips in place.

Has 120 mm tyres with ABEC-5 bearings for a smoother ride.

Adjusts to four heights up to 84 cm.


The two-wheel design might be difficult for beginners to balance on.


#3: Xootz Hazard 360 Spin In-Line Stunt Scooter


The Xootz is designed for children who want to start learning stunts.

It improves stability through an aluminium foot brake and powerful ABEC-7 bearings.

The frame is robustly built to withstand beginner stunts.


Wide tubular steel frame is robust enough to cope with plenty of abuse.

Small, wide wheels provide extra balance and tight turns.

ABEC-7 bearings reduce bumps and wobbles.


Smooth, plastic wheels don't provide exceptional grip.


#4: RideStar Cruise 3 Wheel Scooter


The RideStar Cruise is built for distance.

Its three-wheel design provides plenty of stability for riders who are still learning to balance.

Its tilt-to-turn steering takes bends when you lean so no steering is necessary.

The frame is sized for children between three and six.


The three-wheel design and wide foot base are perfect for beginners.

Generous height adjustment covers a few years of growth.

Folds away for easy under-the-bed storage.


Tap-to-brake footbrake may cause unintentional stops.


#5: Land Surfer Kids Stunt Scooter


The Landsurfer is a little less robust than your typical stunt scooter, but it has easy-grip handles and mudguards for rougher play.

It swivels a full 360 degrees, giving you a wide range of tricks to try.

Its lightweight and has micro-speed wheels for easy handling.


The stem collar is attached with four bolts to reinforce the handlebar attachment.

Swivel deck with easy-grip base manages a range of tricks.

The 100 mm wheels are smooth enough for jumps and other tricks.


The frame can't adjust enough to cater towards years of growth.


#6: iCode Premium 3 Wheel Kids Scooter

The iCode three-wheeler is adjustable to suit children of three to 10 years.

It has a wide base with an extra wheel for balance.

This is a toy built to outlast heavy play, but its flashing wheels will delight younger children.


The deck has an anti-slip grid. Foldable with quick delivery. Small enough for tiny three-year -olds.


Children may grow out of the three-wheel design.


#7: Frozen Two Deluxe Tri Scooter


This scooter has plenty of bling to satisfy young users.

It has three wide-set wheels for easy balance.

The deck has an upward curve to prevent slippage.


The EVA tyres have a deep tread to prevent slipping.

The Frozen theme will attract plenty of enthusiasm among young children.

Is adjustable for children of three to six years.


Arrives in parts that are difficult to assemble.


#8: Rexco Fixed Bar Pro Stunt Scooter


This Rexco takes its stunts seriously.

It's robustly built with a fixed handlebar.

The designers have been careful to limit the number of joints on the scooter to improve its strength and stability.

The wheels are constructed from 100 mm cast aluminium.


Abec 7 bearings provide a smooth, shock-free ride.

Tall enough for seven-year-olds.

Lightweight enough for tricks.


Metal parts make for a noisy ride.


#9: Rexco Swing Car Swivel Scooter


The Rexco Swing car scooter is a cross between a skateboard, scooter, and toy car.

It accommodates seated children and has a wheel for steering.

Spin the back wheel back and forth to ride or use centrifugal force to glide.


Accommodates children of three years and older.

Handles speeds of four miles an hour.

Lightweight and portable. .


This scooter doesn't have brakes and needs to be stopped with the feet.


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#10: Ozbozz Scissor Scooter


Ozbozz has taken traditional scooter design back to the drawing board and produced something wholly original.

The scissor design uses two separate footpads.

This separates the back wheels for extra balance and forces children to use a wider, safer stance.


Folds away for easy transportation and storage.

Durable steel build at a pocket-friendly price.

The scooter is ridden by drawing the feet together and apart in a scissor-motion.


The scissor effect makes traditional tricks impossible.

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