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Best 7 Outdoor Robotic Lawn Mowers Reviews 2021

For a more relaxing way of doing this chore, check out our list of the best robotic lawnmowers so you can loosen up and relax on the weekends.


Robomow RC308u Robotic Lawn Mower


A compact lawn mower for small yards.


Weight: 21.6kg | Colour: Green, Black | Battery Life: 70 mins | Cutting Height: 16-60mm | Cutting Width: 28cm


+ Provides an excellent performance despite its small size

+ You can control it using an app

+ It can run for at least 1 hour

- It takes time to set up


The Robomow RC308u is considered by most users as the winner between automatic lawnmowers.

It can run for at least 70 minutes, strolling across the lawn and cutting everything in its path.

After that, it returns to its charging base for a 90-minute refreshment session and goes off again and again until your lawn looks neat.

The only flaw of this lawnmower is the setup time, but other than that, it is a remarkable model that you should definitely get.


Stihl Robot Lawn Mower


A lightweight and quiet machine for peaceful mowing sessions.


Weight: 9kg | Colour: Orange, White | Battery Life: 75 mins | Cutting Height: 20-60mm | Cutting Width: 20cm


+ It has its own docking station

+ The intelligent performance feature allows it to work well on slopes

+ The single steel rotary blade allows it to work quietly and efficiently

- It struggles with wet grass


The Stihl Robot Lawn Mower is a cute little machine that functions well around the yard.

This little rascal works quietly around the lawn, cutting every grass on sight with its single rotary blade.

It also automatically adjusts its cutting speed depending on the terrain it’s working on.

The only problem with it is it gets stuck on wet ground, so you should turn it off when it’s raining.


Flymo 1200 R Robotic Lawn Mower


The best lawn mower in the budget category.


Weight: 7.4kg | Colour: Orange, Black | Battery Life: 65 mins | Cutting Height: 20-50mm | Cutting Width: 17cm


+ The most affordable premium lawn mower you could get

+ It works quietly around the yard

+ The blade is perfectly engineered to reduce messy results

- You can get better features with other models


The Flymo 1200 R is the long-awaited innovation of this company, especially since they are a well-known brand for garden appliances.

It is an excellent machine that can mow through your lawn in the cleanest way possible, leaving its path clear of stray grass and tire marks.

Its blade is specially designed to reduce the chances of leaving a mess, and the motor runs quietly so you can lounge peacefully on the lawn while it strolls around.


Worx Landroid W140 Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower


A premium lawn mower that works well on slopes.


Weight: 21.2lbs | Colour: Orange, Black | Battery Life: 120 mins | Cutting Height: 50-90mm | Cutting Width: 18cm


+ It runs well when cutting on slopes

+ You can easily control it with a mobile app

+ It runs quietly despite its size

- The wheels lose traction on flat/dry grass


The Worx Landroid W140 Robotic Lawn Mower is perfect for lawns that have a lot of slopes.

Its wheels are designed to run well on uphill areas, and the three rotating blades can cut the grass in a precise manner without scalping the lawn.

Despite its bulky size, the lawnmower runs quietly across the yard, although you need to look at it every once in a while because it suddenly stops on flat/dry grass.


Husqvarna Automower 315x


Perfect for those who are looking for a fancy device.


Weight: 9.5kg | Colour: Black, Grey | Battery Life: 60 mins | Cutting Height: 20-60mm | Cutting Width: 22cm


+ The design resembles a sports car look

+ It is easy to program and control

+ It has its own security system

- It has a smaller cutting area compared with its competitors


This sports-car-looking machine is a handsome head-turner that would definitely wow your visitors.

Its grass-cutting capabilities are excellent for its price, and it works so quietly that you won’t even notice that it’s done.

The machine uses free-hanging blades, and it has a GPS feature that scans the entire lawn before it starts mowing.


Bosch INDEGO 700 Connect Robot Lawn Mower


The ideal choice for titchy lawns.


Weight: 7.1kg | Colour: Green, Black | Battery Life: 75 mins | Cutting Height: 20-60mm | Cutting Width: 22cm


+ It can monitor weather conditions and won’t go out if the lawn is wet

+ The intelligent navigation system allows it to move well in tight spaces

+ It cuts grass in an up-down pattern

- It is only ideal for small lawns


The Bosch INDEGO 700 is mostly recommended to homeowners around urban areas.

Since this machine works well on titchy lawns, it would be perfect for places like those.

The intelligent navigation system allows it to work well on tight spaces, providing spotless results on your beautiful lawns.

It also monitors current weather conditions, and it won’t go out if the lawn is wet or when it detects incoming rainfall.


Gardena Smart Sileno Life Set Robotic Lawn Mower


The smartest looking robotic lawn mower.


Weight: 7.3kg | Colour: Black, Grey, Light Blue, Orange | Battery Life: 65 mins | Cutting Height: 20-50mm | Cutting Width: 16cm


+ The ideal machine for urban lawns

+ Its battery runs longer than expected

+ It is water-resistant and can withstand rough weather conditions

- The cutting width is narrower compared with its competitors


The Gardena Smart Sileno is the smartest-looking lawnmower you will find in this list.

Like the previous item, it is specifically built to work well on urban lawns, which means it is ideal for smaller spaces.

To adjust its settings, it has a bubble-type keypad for easier controls, although you have to angle it slightly because the LCD screen is hard to see in direct sunlight.

The machine is water-resistant so it is easier to maintain, and it is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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