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Best Punchbags for Boxing & MMA - Ireland

A punchbag is used when practising a number of different activities, including mixed martial arts and a variety of different boxing sports. 



A punch bag can be used by both beginners and experts and makes a great physical workout as well as a good outlet for mental health stressors too. 

Here are the best punchbags to choose from.

1. Senshi Japan 6ft Free Standing Boxing Bag

Best Punchbag and Accessories Bundle

Size: 6ft | Colour: Black | Material: Leather | Weight: Not Specified

  • Durable leather
  • Shock absorbing springs
  • Gloves and skipping rope included

This hardwearing and durable punching bag is made from high-quality leather and has shock-absorbing springs to handle any punches.

Easy to put together with an extra stable base, this punchbag also comes with boxing gloves and a skipping rope too. 

2. Himifuture Punchbag

Great Space Saving Punchbag Choice

Size: 160cm | Colour: Red | Material: PVC | Weight: 740g

  • Portable inflatable and deflatable design
  • Stable and shock absorbing
  • Indoor or outdoor use

This punchbag from Himifuture makes a great space-saving choice as its inflatable design is suitable for both outside and exercises indoor.

The strong PVC material is very shock absorbent and the stable base means you can punch your hardest with confidence. 

3. Kiopa Free Standing Punchbag

Top Free Standing Punchbag Choice

Size: 175cm | Colour: Black | Material: PU | Weight: 182 lbs.

  • Multi-layer construction bag
  • 12 suction cup stable base
  • TPU shock absorbers and springs

This free-standing punchbag has multi-layer construction, consisting of PU leather cover, internal high-density foam, and an inner steel tube, making it very stable and hardwearing.

The 12 suction cup base makes sure it always stays in place and this punchbag is also very shock-absorbing too. 

4. ULTRA FITNESS Filled Punchbag

Top Hanging Punchbag Option

Size: 4/5ft | Colour: Black, Orange, White | Material: Gel Foam Padding | Weight: 20-25kg

  • Foam-filled punchbag with adjustable height option
  • Ceiling chain and bracket attachment included
  • Gloves included

This punch bag is a great choice for customers who want a hanging bag option and comes with a ceiling chain and bracket.

This punch bag is shock absorbent and durable with a zipper opening so you can easily adjust the level of foam filling inside.

This punch bag also comes complete with a set of boxing gloves too. 

5. Gallant Free Standing Punchbag

Top Easy Assembly Punchbag

Size: 5.5ft | Colour: Various | Material: EPE Foam | Weight: 20kg

  • Easy assembly separate bag and base
  • Thick padded EPE foam
  • Narrow design perfect for home gym

This punchbag from Gallant comes in a variety of inspiring designs and comes in two separate parts that are really easy to put together.


The EPE foam is 5cm thick to be very shock absorbent and the narrow bag design is ideal for smaller spaces especially for home gyms.

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