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Best Pull Up Bars for Fitness & Strength Training


Pull up bars provide an excellent way to exercise at home.

Pull-ups are a great workout for beginners as well as experts, helping to strengthen the upper body and build muscle in particular for the arms and back.

The ideal choice for working out at home, even if you do not have that much space, here are the best pull up bars to consider. 

1. AhfuLife Pull Up Bar

Top Easiest to Install Pull Up Bar

Size: 72-92cm | Colour: Blue | Material: Chrome Plated | Weight: 1.8kg

  • Safety locking mechanism
  • Stable wedge surface
  • Large rubber fixation

This pull up bar from AhfuLife comes with a safe and secure easy locking mechanism that is simple and quick to install in any doorway in just 30 seconds.

The stable wedge surface means this pull up bar will always stay in place no matter how hard you pull and the large rubber fixation also gives added stability too. 

2. JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar

Best Flexible Exercise Option Pull Up Bar

Size: 98.2 x 24 x 10.5 cm | Colour: Black | Material: Steel | Weight: 7.68kg

  • 5 in 1 multi function pull up bar
  • Wide selection of exercises
  • Comfort foam grips

This pull up bar has a triangular support structure so it stands back from the wall allowing for further range of movement and a wider selection of exercises.

The heavy-duty still is durable and the comfortable foam grips make working-out simple.

This pull up bar also allows for further exercise attachments too, such as a punching bag.

3. ERGO LIFE Pull Up Bar


Ideal Basic Pull Up Bar Choice 

Size: 70-92cm | Colour: Black | Material: | Weight: Not Specified

  • Easily hooks to door frame
  • Foldable and compact
  • Added power ropes for dips

This pull up bar from ERGO LIFE is a great basic choice that easily hooks to any door frame and is foldable so can be quickly stored away.

You can practise a number of different strength and conditioning exercises with this pull-up bar, which also comes with power ropes for added dips and strength training. 

4. Innovation Fitness Powerbar


Best No Assembly Pull Up Bar

Size: 245x910mm | Colour: Black | Material: Not Specified | Weight: 2.68kg

  • Welded construction
  • Variety of exercises
  • 10-year guarantee

This pull-up bar is the only one of its kind that is fully welded so needs no construction and can be used to practise a variety of exercises, from floor exercises to chest and chin pull-ups.

This pull up bar also comes with the added benefit of a 10-year guarantee too. 

5. HAKENO Pull Up Bar

Top Larger Grip Pull Up Bar Choice

Size: 96.52 x 10.16 x 5.08 cm | Colour: Red | Material: Alloy Steel | Weight: 2.82kg

  • Large silicone grip pads
  • No drilling installation
  • Fits easily to most doorways

This pull up bar from HAKENO is really comfortable to use thanks to its large silicone grip pads and is easy to install with no drilling necessary.

This secure and stable pull up bar is made from steel and fits easily to most doorways.

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