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Best Paddle Boards Ireland Reviews 2021

If you would like to do some paddleboarding in your free time,  check out the fantastic paddleboards that we’ve listed below.

It’s always better to get the best equipment, especially since it’s for your own safety.


SereneLife Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board


The lightest stand up paddle board.


Dimensions: 92.6x44x26.8cm | Weight: 19.6lbs | Material: PVC | Capacity: 275lbs  | Thickness: 6 inches


+ Non-slip deck padding for beginners

+ The triple bottom panel fins make it easier to manoeuver

+ The soft material acts as a cushion and reduces injuries

- Faulty accessories


This item is the lightest SUP you will find in this list.

This means you won’t have to worry about carrying it during your outdoor sessions.

It comes with complete accessories, including the lightweight fiberglass paddle. The entire board is also long and wide, allowing you to bring along a friend or your gear pack.


BlueFin Sprint Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


The toughest touring paddle board today.


Dimensions: 85.7x56.2x21.2cm | Weight: 17.66kg | Material: PVC | Capacity: 425lbs | Thickness: 6 inches


+ Built with Thermosealed Crocodile Deck Pad for excellent traction and balance

+ The unique PVC material and drop-stitch construction provides excellent durability

+ It comes with all the necessary accessories

- It is heavier compared with other SUPs




Gili 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


An amazing all-around paddle board.


Dimensions: 93.98x37.34x32cm | Weight: 19lbs | Material: PVC | Capacity: 300lbs | Thickness: 6 inches


+ It feels like a hard paddle board

+ Extremely durable construction

+ Unique and premium design

- The paddle is too heavy


This SUP is considered the best all-around touring board by most professionals.

It is extremely stable, and it is triple-layered for maximum durability.

The deck pad is covered with diamond-grooved non-slip material, which means you’ll get sufficient traction while using it.

The best part is, you’ll get all of this for a decent price!


South Bay Board Co. Stand Up Soft Top Paddle Board


The best paddle board for beginners.


Dimensions: 130x33x6 inches | Weight: 25lbs | Material: Polyethylene | Capacity: 350lbs | Thickness: 5 inches


+ Durable and easy to use

+ The closed-cell EPS foam core promotes easy manoeuvrability

+ Includes basic attachments for beginners/kids

- Not recommended for touring


This paddle board is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

It is made of strong Polyethylene plastic, and it has bungee cords on the front so you can bring extra stuff.

The adjustable paddle and storage bag completes the whole set, or you can carry it using the built-in handle.

Overall, this is an excellent SUP, especially when it comes to kids.


NIXY Manhattan Inflatable Touring & Trekking Paddle Board


The most ideal touring SUP.


Dimensions: 96.77x50.8x35.56cm | Weight: 22lbs | Material: PVC | Capacity: 350lbs | Thickness: 6 inches


+ Advanced fusion lamination manufacturing technology

+ The additional D-rings allows you to attach more accessories

+ The paddle is light thanks to the carbon fiber shaft

- Not an ideal choice for beginners


This one is probably the strongest SUP you will find.

It is constructed using NIXY’s fusion lamination technology, making it durable enough without compromising its weight.

The stainless D-rings allow its users to carry more accessories, and to top it off, the paddle’s shaft is extremely light thanks to the carbon fiber shaft.


Thurso Surf WaterWalker Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


A high-end all-around SUP.


Dimensions: 335x81x15cm | Weight: 30lbs | Material: PVC | Capacity: 330lbs | Thickness: 6 inches


+ Its dual-layered construction provides excellent durability

+ The textured deck pad improves grip support and traction

+ You can secure the board with your paddle by utilising the side holder

- It’s a bit hard to carry


This high-end SUP is the ideal choice of beginners because of its amazing design. The traction pad is large enough to the point that you can use it for doing Yoga.

The bungee cords at the front and rear makes it ideal for carrying extra stuff, and the D-rings can help secure your gear.

Overall, this is a highly efficient paddle board for various water-based activities.


BlueFin Cruise Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board


The most affordable SUP as of today.


Dimensions: 320x90x20cm | Weight: 28.8lbs | Material: PVC | Capacity: 330lbs | Thickness: 6 inches


+ A rigid SUP that feels stable on the water

+ Better drop-stitch construction compared with other competitors

+ Diamond-grooved deck pad for improved grip support

- Its size and shape is not ideal for bigger paddlers


Despite being on the affordable side, the Bluefin Cruise performs well for both advanced and beginner paddlers.

This is the usual choice of rookies because it provides excellent stability while they’re still learning.

The diamond-grooved decking makes it easier for them to get traction, and the cushioning is softer than its competitors.

The best part about it is the action mount, which allows professionals to attach their cameras while they’re touring.

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