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Best MSR Tents Ireland


Msr tents are extra supported thanks to their additional pole and are great for those looking for a strong, sturdy and durable tent. Ideal for use during winter or colder months, these tents are perfect for ensuring you can always stay warm.

Here are the best MSR tents.

#1 Msr Elixir 2 V2 Tent


Top Tube Design Tent for Added Privacy

Dimensions: 60 x 20 x 10 cm | Capacity: 2 Persons | Weight: 2.52kg | Seasons: Continuity

  • Colour coded bars for quick set up
  • 2 StayDry doors
  • Mesh material for thermal regulation

The Msr Elixir tent is ideal for those who are looking for total privacy when camping.

The mesh material means better thermal regulation no matter the weather, and the two StayDry doors provide easy access and can be closed for total privacy.

This tent is also easy to set up thanks to its colour coded bars too.

#2 Msr Hubba Hubba NX Tent

 Ideal Star Gazing Tent Choice

Dimensions: 47.8 x 17.6 x 10.2 cm | Capacity: 2 Persons | Weight: 1.72kg | Seasons: Not Specified

  • Adjustable vestibule for star gazing
  • StayDry door
  • Side zipper access

This sleek and compact Msr tent is perfect for camping out under the stars thanks to its adjustable vestibule, and its StayDry door with side zipper access makes it easy to get in and out of the tent too.

Ergonomically designed for two people to sleep in comfort as well. 


#3 Msr Elixir Backpacking Tent

Top Backpacker Tent Choice

Dimensions: 213.36 x 279.4 x 101.6 cm | Capacity: 2 Persons | Weight: 2.72kg | Seasons: Evergreen

  • Pole geometry to create more space
  • Solid fabric panels and mesh for temperature regulation
  • Freestanding fast to pitch

This Msr tent comes with a unique pole geometry design which helps to maximise the interior space.

This tent also comes with both solid fabric panels and mesh which expertly combines temperature regulation with privacy too.

This Msr tent also has colour coded poles making it quick and easy to set up as well.

#4 Msr Unisex Zoic Tent


Ideal Single Person Tent

Dimensions: 223.52 x 88.9 x 99.06 cm | Capacity: 1 Person | Weight: 1.7kg | Seasons: Evergreen

  • Micromesh canopy
  • Xtreme shield coating
  • Built in loft

This ergonomic Msr tent is the perfect choice for single travellers and has a micromesh canopy and Xtreme shield coating making this tent suitable for all types of weather.

The built-in loft also gives added storage too and this tent will fold up into the size of just a water bottle, making it easy to carry around too.

#5 Msr Hubba NX Tent

Top Durashield Coating for All Weathers

Dimensions: 76.2 x 91.44 x 215.9 cm | Capacity: 1 Person | Weight: 1kg | Seasons: 4 Seasons

  • Bathtub floor and Durashield coating
  • StayDry door
  • Aluminum poles

This Msr tent comes with a large capacity bathtub floor and features a Durashield coating to help it to withstand all seasons and weathers.

The StayDry door keeps you protected and the aluminum poles can withstand high winds and are colour coded for an easier set up too.

#6 Msr Carbon Reflex Tent


Top Msr Lightweight 2 Person Tent

Dimensions: 51.4 x 14.6 x 10.6 cm | Capacity: 2 Persons | Weight: 0.84kg | Seasons: 4 Seasons

  • Carbon fibre poles
  • Pop up design
  • Great couples choice

This lightweight and simple to pitch tent from Msr features carbon fibre poles which are flexible enough to withstand bad weather whilst also strong enough to easily 'pop up' the tent too.

This tent is large enough to accommodate two and makes the perfect choice for couples.

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