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Top 10 Kids Hoverboard Reviews for 2021

Here is a detailed review of the ten best hoverboards for kids that will take the heat off the search and make it easy and straightforward:

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1. Ninebot Segway miniPRO Smart

A power-packed road monster - click to view on Amazon.

Company: Segway | Max Speed: 18kph| Range: 30km | Battery: 5.8Ah lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: Yes | Payload: 100kg

• lightweight
• Better shock absorption
• Enhanced safety features

• Takes long to charge fully

This hoverboard is great for kids due to its enhanced safety features. Its anti-skid tyres can traverse slippery grounds with ease and safety.
The two 400-watt motors can sustain long and treacherous trips even in rainy weather due to the device’s waterproof material.

Steep 15-degree inclines are no match for the mini pro thanks to its clearance and power mechanics. Inbuilt Bluetooth capability allows for remote speed and security control.

Users will enjoy the lightweight but tough exterior that can withstand hard knocks.

2. Gyroor Hoverboard Warrior

A fast-charging ride - click to view on Amazon.

Company: Gyroor| Max Speed: 14 kph| Range: 12 km | Battery: 10Ah lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: Yes | Payload: 120 kg

• Superb off-roader
• A tough exterior
• Safe max speed for kids

• Quite heavy

This hover is built for off-road terrain and can navigate rough road patches with ease. That is thanks to the fitted 8-inch pneumatic tires designed for adventures off smooth pavements.

Its two motors have a cumulative 700 watt, and the Gyroor can power over ten miles before the need for a recharge.

The recharge only lasts two hours until the battery is fully loaded and ready to run again.

The user’s app provides an opportunity to customise the device to one’s taste and mood.


3. Razor Hovertrax 2.0


The learners’ first favourite - click to view on Amazon.

Company: Razor | Max Speed: 12 kph| Range: 9.5 km | Battery: 3.6v lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: Yes | Payload: 99kg

• Superb manoeuvring
• Dual-mode, training and normal
• Installed bumper protection

• Quite slow

Rated at a maximum velocity of 10kph, it is among the slowest hovers out there.

However, for young kids, that could be an advantage in terms of rider safety. The board comes with excellent user-friendliness, and its training mode gives kids the opportunity for mishaps without any harmful consequences.

Its motors are attached with gyro sensors to improve controls even at a peak power of 350 watts. The removable battery pack means clients can replace the pack when it fails instead of the entire hoverboard.

4. Epikgo Scooter


The self-balancing hoverboard - click to view it on Amazon.

Company: Epikgo | Max Speed: 10 kph| Range: 9km | Battery: 4.3Ah lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: No | Payload: 108 kg

• Durable aluminium frame
• Has fast charging
• Climbs 18-degree inclines

• A bit pricey

Although not recognised for exceptional speeds, it amazes with its incredible 800-watt power that conquers terrains where smaller boards have failed.

Its unmatched torque comes in handy when riding off-road or traversing steep ascents. 18-degree climbs are no match for the Epikgo scooter and, it has an IP56 waterproof rating, which means riders do not have to worry about wet conditions.

The designers settled for a rugged but invitingly streamlined model and fitted it with bright LED lights to accommodate night rides.

5. Megawheels Hoverboard


A silent riding hoverboard - click to view.

Company: Megawheels | Max Speed: 10kph| Range: 15km | Battery: 4Ah lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: Yes | Payload: 110kg

• Has excellent stability
• Has UL 2272 certification
• Has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker

• Not made for long commutes

Novice riders will find the Megawheels to be very user friendly.

Its design makes learning quick and easy, and in a short time, beginners can gain confidence in riding the board.

The device has 6-inch hard vacuum tires and can ride comfortably on paved and non-paved surfaces. Thanks to enhanced safety features, it is not only waterproof but also fireproof.

The use of brushless motors makes the hoverboard more efficient and less noisy than others in the market.

6. Sisigad 6.5-inch Hoverboard

An off-roaders go-to machine - click to view.

Company: Sisigad | Max Speed: 12 kph| Range: 12km | Battery: 2.0Ah lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: yes | Payload: 112kg

• Easy on the pocket
• Is UL 2272 certified
• Can take an hour of continuous riding

• Poor Bluetooth sound quality

Being certified as safe gives parents peace of mind when they let their kids ride the board.

Its powerhouse design includes two 300-watt motors configured to carry both kids and adults. Among its price mates, the Sisigad achieves a higher maximum speed.

Therefore, the installed self-balancing technology helps maintain safety at high velocities.

Charging the battery to full capacity takes three hours, and it sustains up to an hour’s use before it drains completely.

Its modern LED lights are a new feature that lacks in preceding models.

7. The Swagtron T5

Offers average speed for safety - view on Amazon.

Wheel size: 6.5 inches | Max Speed: 11 kph | Range: 10km | Battery: 2.6Ah lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: No | Payload: 84kg

• Includes a learning mode
• Incorporates Sentry Shield battery protection
• Internal gyroscope installed

• Has a weak plastic frame

Installed performance meters indicate battery level giving the rider a rough estimate of how much longer they can ride.

Due to its low speed, it is safer for kids to learn and master without the fear of getting injured. The T5 has dual motors with a harmonised 200 watts and a smooth control mechanism.

Its plastic framework makes it lighter to carry around. Having a smaller battery means the board charges faster and is quickly available for the next trip.

8. Razor Hovertrax 1.5

The easy to mount hoverboard - click here.

Company: Razor | Max Speed: 10kph| Range: 9km | Battery: 25.2v lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: No | Payload: 80kg

• Has anti-slip traction pads
• Includes balancing technology
• Has a shatter-resistant framework

• Only supports 45 minutes of continuous use

EverBalance technology automatically readjusts the board’s position to be level with the ground.

That is helpful for first-timers to help them master how to ride the hoverboard. Inbuilt gyro sensors provide additional ease in manoeuvring and controlling.

Since it lies on a steel frame combined with a non-brittle polymer, it can withstand bumps and knocks without breaking apart.

Two motors run in silence to power the hoverboard to a peak power of 350 watts while maintaining smooth control capabilities.

9. Vanguard Hoverboard

View on Amazon.

Company: Hoverboard | Max Speed: 12kph| Range: 15km | Battery: 4.4Ah lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: Yes | Payload: 100kg

• Has short circuit protection
• Each charge lasts about two hours
• Includes quad shield protection

• No guards to protect against scratches

The design incorporates a HoverKart with functional adjustments to the frame height and seating position.

When engaged, the kart transforms the board into a go-kart-like machine suitable for kids.

Bluetooth functionality allows users to play their favourite music as they enjoy a ride on the Vanguard.

Additionally, the device features a UK safety certification that guarantees its safety to the user. Its eco-friendly drive technology also helps users be environmentally conscious through their commutes.

Charging the battery to capacity takes three hours.

10. Tomoloo Hoverboard

The low riding hoverboard on Amazon.

Company: Tomoloo | Max Speed: 10 kph| Range: 16km | Battery: 4.8Ah lithium ion| Bluetooth Compatibility: yes | Payload: 110kg

• Mobile app speed control
• Suitably low deck
• Has aluminium reinforcement on frame

• Poorly responsive turning

The deck is lower than in other models to achieve more stability. However, that limits the board to paved walkways and tarmacked roads.

Due to the higher weight capacity, even adults can enjoy a hover ride, but it is more suited for kids aged 10 to 15.

It is probably the only hover gadget with one motor which packs a hefty kick of 300 watts.

The motor's energy goes through two motherboards for equal distribution to have balanced power on both wheels.


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