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Best Swingball Sets 2021

A swingball set is a great outdoor game choice for family-friendly fun.

The attached ball means you never have to worry about losing it or accidentally hitting the ball into the neighbours garden again.

As one of the most popular garden games in the UK, here are the 5 best swingball sets for 2021.

1. Swingball 7227

Classic Swingball Set

Colour: Yellow and Red | Adjustable: Yes | Number of Players: One - Two |

  • Classic design
  • Easy to store
  • Height adjustable

This classic swingball set from Swingball 7227 is easy to store, with all elements able to conveniently fit into the base.

Perfect for one to two players, this swingball set is also height adjustable thanks to its steel tubes and is easy to play on any surface, so you can use it on grass or even take it with you to the beach if you prefer.

2. Toy Kickball

Perfect for Younger Children

Colour: Yellow | Adjustable: No | Number of Players: One - Two |

  • Foam safety ball

  • Small bats for little hands

  • Ideal for 3 years+

This swingball set is perfect for younger children and comes complete with a safe and lightweight foam ball and smaller bats for little hands.

Swingball is an excellent way for children to improve hand and eye co-ordination, and this set is suitable for children aged 3 years and up.

3. Pro All Surface

Suitable for All the Family

Colour: Blue | Adjustable: Yes | Number of Players: One - Two |

  • Any surface play
  • Stability base
  • Easily height adjustable

This swingball set is the ideal choice for all the family to play together and can be adjusted to heights of 180cm.

All parts of the kit can be easily packed away into the base for added convenience and added stability.

This also makes this set easy to play on any surface too for added variation to your games.

4. Hudora

Traditional Favourite

Colour: Multi | Adjustable: No | Number of Players: One - Two |

  • Traditional swingball look
  • Suitable for ages 6 years plus
  • Can be used year-round

This Hudora swingball set had a more traditional look than some other models available and is a good choice for older children as well as for the rest of the family too.

Made from durable plastic material, this swingball set can be used outside all year round even in wet weather too.

5. Swingball 7101

Ideal for Summer Fun

Colour: Red | Adjustable: Yes | Number of Players: One - Two |

  • Height adjustable to 1.6m
  • Attached directly to ground
  • Classic swingball style

This swingball set is ideal for the summer months and can be attached directly via its spike to the ground outside, whether in the garden or at the beach.

This set is also height adjustable so can be played by the whole family, and includes larger sized bats for everyone to be able to use and enjoy.

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