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Best Garden BBQ Reviews Ireland 2021

After having a stressful week, popping a few beers and hosting a barbecue is one of the best relievers we could have.

If you still don’t have a working barbecue in your garden or yard, now is the perfect time to get one!

Weber Compact Charcoal BBQ

The best compact barbecue.

Weight: 10kg | Material: Steel, Porcelain | Colour: Black, Silver | Fuel Type: Charcoal | Cover: Included


+ The barbecue can feed eight people (max) despite its compact size

+ Includes the basic necessities of charcoal grills

+ Extremely durable materials that can withstand all weather conditions

- The ashtray is suspended on cheaply made springs


This charcoal barbecue may be small, but it has everything you’ll need in a standard model.

Despite its size, it can feed up to eight people, and the package is complete with weatherproof handles, an ash catcher, adjustable ventilation, and a small storage area for your utensils and food.

The grill space is also larger compared with other barbecues, and it can withstand harsh weather conditions because of its durable construction.

If you have a small space but you still want that full barbecuing experience, this item could work well for your front or back yard.


Landmann Taurus Smoker


The most budget-friendly charcoal smoker.


Weight: 27.5kg | Material: Steel | Colour: Black | Fuel Type: Charcoal | Cover: Included


+ Large oil drum for sufficient fuelling

+ Adjustable cooking speed on the hood grill

+ Huge warming rack

- It is not easy to assemble and clean


With the Landmann Taurus Smoker, you will get a high-quality item that will roast your meats but not your wallets.

It has a large oil drum for you to cook a lot for your guests, and the hood grill gives you the option to smoke or roast your food.


Argos Charcoal Oil Drum BBQ


The most sought-after family barbecue.


Weight: 11.5kg | Material: Carbon Steel | Colour: Black | Fuel Type: Charcoal | Cover: Included


+ The cheapest option when it comes to family-friendly grilling

+ It can serve up to 10 people

+ Additional warming rack

- Not the best option if you want tastier results


This barbecue is affordable price and effective.

The carbon steel material allows you to use it easily, making it ideal for family-friendly grilling.

Its large size can also help you serve food to up to ten people, and you would still have enough leftovers after using it.


Napoleon Charcoal Kettle Barbecue


Weight: 28.12kg | Material: Platinum Porcelain, Steel | Colour: Black, Silver | Fuel Type: Charcoal | Cover: Included


+ A 2019 T3 Awards winner

+ Adjustable cast-iron grill

+ Removable ash catcher

- The price range is quite high


Being a winner of the 2019 T3 Awards, this charcoal barbecue is considered as one of the best options you will find in the market.

It has an adjustable cast-iron grill that you can move in three different heights, and the materials are durable enough to last for a long time.

The ash-catcher is also a nifty feature since you don’t want those things flying around your yard and ruining the barbecue.

Overall, this is an exceptional item that is worth its steep price, so you don’t have to worry about it being a bad investment.


Char-Broil All-Star 125 Gas Barbecue Grill


A compact, bang-for-the-buck gas barbecue.


Weight: 25kg | Material: Cast Aluminum | Colour: Black, Grey, Red | Fuel Type: Gas | Cover: Included


+ It cooks food evenly thanks to the TRU-Infrared system

+ The foldable side shelves easily adds/removes extra space

+ You can remove it from the stand and place it on a tabletop

- Its compact size limits the use of large gas cylinders


The Char-Broil All Star 125 Gas Barbecue Grill is perfect for those who don’t like to use charcoals when they’re barbecuing.

It is a single-burner grill that sits perfectly on its very own stand, and you can remove it anytime you want if you prefer setting it on another flat surface.

Even though it’s a single burner, it can cook your meats evenly without failing.

You can use the space underneath to store small gas tanks or as a small compartment for your other essentials.


Fire Mountain Large Kettle Barbecue Charcoal Grill


An efficient choice for barbecuing and storing your utensils.


Material: Stainless Steel, Enamel | Colour: Black, Silver | Fuel Type: Charcoal | Cover: Included


+ Chrome plated warming rack and cooking grill

+ It includes a 3-piece stainless steel cooking set and a bottle opener

+ Easy-to-empty intelligent ash collector

- Poorly designed wheels


This one is a full-blown charcoal grill that has all the barbecuing essentials you’ll need.

It comes with chrome-plated baskets on the front and sides, allowing you to store utensils and condiments on them.

The removable ash collector is fairly easy to empty, and its hood has an adjustable air vent to control the temperature.

Overall, this is an amazing barbecue that also delivers the basic necessities, and you can get it for a decent price despite its overwhelming size.


VERYCOOK Plancha Simplicity 2 Gas Grill


The best flat-top (plancha) barbecue.


Weight: 13kg | Material: Stainless Steel | Colour: Silver | Fuel Type: Gas | Cover: None


+ It can cook complicated stuff such as eggs and fish

+ Durable and perfectly engineered

+ A healthier option since you won’t need to use charcoal

- The large gap between the burners and the griddle makes it inefficient in windy areas


This gas grill is probably the most unique item you will find in this list.

It is exceptionally heavy because it is made of stainless steel, and it has a flat surface that you can fry almost anything on.

The entire design resembles the type of grillers you see in most restaurants, making you feel like the head chef of your very own burger joint.

If you are setting it up, it would be best to avoid windy areas since the gap between the burners and the griddle is a little high.

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