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Best Gaming Headsets for 2021

A gaming headset is designed to keep you connected to the online world of gaming easily and wirelessly.

A fantastic way to communicate and play remotely with other players, most gaming headsets will be able to cancel out environmental noise for a more immersive gaming experience and be compatible across a range of consoles and devices.

Here are the best gaming headsets.


1. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

Best Immersive Sound Experience

Colour: Camo | Multi Platform Compatible: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes

  • Noise cancellation
  • 7.1 50mm drivers surround sound
  • 160 degree adjustable mic

This gaming headset provides an amazing immersive gaming experience thanks to its 50mm and 7.1 surround sound.

This gaming headset has a cool camo design and effectively cancels out all unwanted environmental noise.

It also has a 160-degree adjustable mic so you can easily play online with friends too. This gaming headset is also compatible with multiple platforms for use across all your devices as well. 

2. Orzly Gaming Headset

LED Illuminated Gaming Headset For Great Night Gaming

Colour: Black, Blue | Multi-Platform Compatible: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes

  • Omni-directional noise cancelling capacity
  • LED light up headphones
  • Easy in line controls

This gaming headset comes with a variety of great features and also looks amazing too thanks to its LED blue light headphones which help to keep thing illuminated when gaming at night.

The omni-directional noise cancellation helps you to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience and the in line controls enable you to easily control the microphone with a single button.

Extra padded for added comfort, this headset also offers superior audio quality too. 

3. Beexcellent Store Gaming Headset

Top Gaming Headset Choice for Sensitive Mic

Colour: Multi Colour | Multi-Platform Compatible: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes

  • 40mm driver for superior sound
  • Highly sensitive rotating 120 degree mic
  • 7 automatic LED lights

This gaming headset comes with a highly sensitive microphone so you can talk and whisper during gaming missions and still be able to communicate effectively.

The 30mm driver makes for superior sound quality and the seven automatic LED lights create a fun and atmospheric gaming experience too.

This gaming headset is also made to be very easy on the ears thank to its foam-padded headphones as well. 

4. Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset

Best for Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Colour: Red, Black | Multi-Platform Compatible: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes

  • 3D surround stereo sound
  • Background noise isolating mic
  • Easy inline controls

This gaming headset from Mpow offers fantastic 3D surround stereo sound to make your gaming experience feel more realistic than ever.

 The flexible noise cancellation option helps you to isolate background noise or block it out completely for better in-game communication. This gaming headset also comes with inline controls making it really easy to control the microphone during play too. 

5. EKSA Gaming Headset

Best Detachable Microphone Gaming Headset Option

Colour: Black, Red | Multi-Platform Compatible: | Noise Cancelling: Yes

  • 50mm drivers for high-quality sound
  • One button mic control
  • Versatile headset with detachable mic

This EKSA gaming headset comes with 50mm drivers to ensure the best sound quality possible.

The one-button microphone control makes it quick and easy to operate the microphone during play.

Moreover, the microphone on this gaming headset is also detachable, making it great for those who enjoy gaming with others but also who want a great pair of headphones to wear when playing alone as well.

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