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Best 5 Kids Football Tables Reviews for 2021

Kids football tables are a great way for children to enjoy playing the beautiful game without even needing to step outside.

These kids football tables are so fun that even adults will want to join in and play too.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a child or a present for yourself, here are the best 5 kids football tables for the whole family to enjoy in 2021.


Portable: Yes | Size: 27" | Material: Wooden Frame | 

  • 18 players and 2 footballs
  • Easily portable
  • Smooth football field
  • More expensive

This kids football table from COSTWAY has a smooth football field surface so the ball won't get stuck and hold up play and comes complete with 18 players and 2 footballs.

This football table is also easily portable to take on the move and play anywhere.

However, this model is one of the more expensive kids football tables.

2. Global Gizmos

Portable: Yes | Size: 69x37cm | Material: Wood | 

  • Full football team and 2 balls
  • Easily portable
  • Low affordable price
  • Needs 8 AA batteries

This easily portable kids football table from Global Gizmos comes with a full football team as well as 2 balls.

This football table is also available at a low affordable price and comes with a built-in scoring system. However, this model requires 8 AA batteries to play.


Portable: Yes | Size: L81cm x W41cm x H70cm | Material: Chrome and Plastic | 

  • Detachable chrome legs
  • 18 football players and 2 balls
  • Play 2 ways
  • Not sturdy

The JUMPSTAR SPORTS kids football table comes with detachable chrome legs, so it is easy to take with you on the move.

Kids have the opportunity to play two ways, either on its own on a tabletop, or standing with the legs attached.

This kids football table also comes with the complete set of players and 2 footballs. However, some customers have reported this football table is not very sturdy.

4. Taylor & Brown

Portable: No | Size: 62cm X 69cm X 37cm | Material: Wood | 

  • Complete football team and 2 balls
  • Attractive wooden freestanding design
  • No dead end football field design
  • Not portable

This freestanding kids football table from Taylor & Brown comes in an attractive wooden design that would brighten up any kids room or corner of the family living room too.

This kids football table comes with a complete set of players as well as 2 balls. The football field is designed to not just be visually appealing but also has no dead end so the ball cannot get stuck.

However, despite its visual appeal, this football table is not portable.

5. Tiktoky

Portable: Yes | Size: 45x 7 x 23 cm | Material: Plastic, Silicone | 

  • Very portable
  • Fun mini design
  • Very low price
  • Not traditional

This fun and unique kids football table from Tiktoky has a fun, lightweight design that is made to be easily portable as well as enjoyable to play.

As a mini design, this football table has two football players who both compete to get the ball into the back of the net.

As it is a much smaller kid football table, it also comes with a lower price point too.

However, as this is not the traditional kids football table with the usual full set of players and balls, it may not be suitable for some customers.

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