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Best Coleman Tents


Coleman tents make the perfect choice for all your outdoor excursions and come in a range of sizes and styles to perfectly suit your outdoor purpose.

Here are the best Coleman tents to choose from.

  1. Coleman Tent Coastline 3 Plus

Top Separate Sleeping and Living Space

Dimensions: 70.8 x 21.8 x 18.8 cm | Capacity: 3 Persons | Weight: 15.43 lbs. | Seasons: Spring-Summer

  • Separate areas
  • Taped seams and integrated groundsheet
  • Fibreglass poles

This Coleman Coastline tent can hold up to three and has separate areas for living and sleeping to make your camping experience more comfortable.

The taped seams and integrated groundsheet make this tent very waterproof and the strong fibreglass poles can also withstand heavy winds too.

  1. Coleman Tent Octagon

Perfect Large Capacity Festival Tent

Dimensions: 396 x 429 x 225 cm | Capacity: 8 Persons | Weight: 20.7kg | Seasons: Spring-Summer

  • Large tent capacity
  • 360-degree octagonal design
  • Partition curtain to separate areas

This large capacity tent can hold up to eight occupants and is perfect for family holidays or for friends heading to a festival.

The 360-degree octagonal design makes it feel spacious and well ventilated and the colour coded poles make this tent really straightforward to erect.

There is also a removable partition curtain to separate areas if required.

  1. Coleman Tent Darwin

Top All Year Round Tent Choice

Dimensions: 330 x 180 x 130 cm | Capacity: 3 Persons | Weight: 4.9kg | Seasons: Evergreen

  • Integrated groundsheet and taped seams
  • All-weather 3000HH material
  • UV Guard 50+

This Coleman Darwin tent is a great tent option whatever the season or weather and is made from 100% waterproof 3000HH material.

This tent also offers UV Guard 50+ against the sun and has an integrated groundsheet and taped seams to keep you warm and cosy, with no water seeping in.

This tent is also lightweight and easy to carry and set up too.

  1. Coleman Tent Oak Canyon

Top Sleeping Choice with Blackout Bedrooms

Dimensions: 485 x 280 x 200 cm | Capacity: 4 Persons | Weight: 18.8kg | Seasons: Evergreen

  • XXL blackout bedrooms
  • 2 door access
  • Spacious easy to pitch

This Coleman Oak Canyon tent is the perfect choice if you want to guarantee a great night's sleep whilst away thanks to its XXL blackout bedrooms.

This tent is ideal for families and larger groups and comes with two door access as well as a spacious, airy and waterproof interior.

This tent is really easy to pitch and comes with an all in one design.

  1. Coleman Kobuk Valley Tent

Great Compact and Lightweight Choice

Dimensions: 340 x 260 x 140 cm | Capacity: 4 Persons | Weight: 5.2kg | Seasons: Evergreen

  • PVC windows complete with covers
  • Bedroom blocks 99% light
  • Storage area

This Coleman Kobuk Valley tent is compact but still lets in plenty of light thanks to its large PVC windows.



However, at night you can close the windows with the inbuilt covers and the bedroom blocks 99% of daylight ensuring a better sleep.

This compact tent also comes with a separate storage area for extra convenience as well.

  1. Coleman Tent TheBlackOut

Top Easy Pitch All in One Design

Dimensions: 330 x 200 x 130 cm | Capacity: 3 Persons | Weight: 5kg | Seasons: 4 Seasons

  • All in one tent design
  • Sturdy fibreglass poles
  • Blackout bedroom

This Coleman TheBlackOut tent is an all in one design so it is quick and fast to pitch no matter the weather.

The sturdy fibreglass poles can withstand strong winds and the 4500mm HH material is waterproof and UV resistant too.

This tent also features a blackout bedroom for better sleeping on trips away too.



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