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Best Portable Toilets for Camping

Camping toilets have revolutionised camping for many of us. Gone are the days that you needed to disappear off into the woods to find a private spot.

Now, your campsite can have its own dedicated toilet facilities. Whilst it’s still not quite like being at home, it’s a lot better than it once was!

#1 THETFORD 92820

Weight: 4kg

A convenient, flushing toilet – very popular with the camping community.

This toilet has an impressive flush-water capacity of 15L.

It has a convenient level indicator display for the waste holding tank that allows you to quickly assess whether it needs emptying.

The waste tank itself will hold 21L before needing to be changed. When changing is necessary, the tank has a rugged, non-slip handle for easy portability.

It has a piston-pump flushing system and sits securely on the ground – even in the great outdoors.

Best features:

  • Piston-pump flushing
    • Large capacity
    • Content level indicator



Weight: 1.4kg

A stand-alone seat that is best suited for the wild camper.

This lightweight option folds completely flat and can be added to your kit bag without worrying about taking on too much extra weight.

The seat itself can be completely covered with a plastic toilet bag. For an ideal fit, the Green Elephant toilet bag is recommended although it can be used with any other 8-gallon camping toilet bag.

Perfect for those with small children – keep one in your car or camper van and you will be prepared for those surprise roadside emergencies!

Best features:

  • Lightweight
    • Functional
    • Folds down flat


#3 Hillington 5L Toilet


Weight: N/A

A functional outdoor toilet with its very own privacy tent.

If you prefer a little more privacy, even when you are in the great outdoors, then this toilet is for you. It comes supplied with a pop-up tent that provides a great shelter for the toilet, but can also be used for changing and storage.

The toilet itself has a comfortable adult seat and a 5L removable waste bucket with its own internal lid.

The waste bucket has carry handles for easy transportation.

The toilet itself even features an attachable toilet roll holder.
Perfect for use in public campsites and national parks where a little bit of privacy is always welcome!

Best features:

  • Pop-Up tent
    • Toilet roll holder
    • Carry handled waste bucket


Weight: 1.2kg

A well-priced, easy to use toilet that is ideal for camping trips.

This toilet has a 1L capacity and comes complete with a comfortable, snap-on lid that attaches to the bucket.

It is designed with easy storage and transportations in mind and comes complete with a convenient carry handle.

It is a sturdy little item and will support users of up to 100kg.

It is very easy to clean and is a great choice for kids.

Best features:

  • Convenient carry-handle
    • Snap-on lid
    • Great price


Weight: 880g

A solid plastic, lightweight toilet that is available in 5 different colours.

This is a compact and easy to carry toilet that has a large capacity of up to 19L.

The convenient carry handle not only allows for easy transportation, but will also hold your toilet roll.

The base of the bucket has an innovative recess that allows you to quickly and conveniently empty the contents.

The seat is constructed from smooth, solid plastic and stands at a convenient 38cm height.

Best features:

• Range of colours
• Handle can hold toilet roll
• Good quality plastic construction

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