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Best Camping Stoves & Portable Grills for Outdoors 

After a long day on the trail, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to light a fire to cook dinner. Well luckily, you no longer need to.



There are a wide variety of camping stoves around that will have your meal prepared in no time. They will even toast your marshmallows!


Let’s fire them up and put them through their paces…

#1 Campigaz Two Burner

Weight: 3.8kg

A powerful double burner stove that is a perfect choice for a family trip.

This is a compact little stove with a slim design and a built-in carry grip.

It features heat-resistant side panels and enamelled side supports that double up as wind protection when the elements are against you.

The pan supports are easily removed allowing you to quickly wipe the stove down after use.

It is supplied with a regulator and hose and also an Easy Clic PLUS connection that allows you to easily connect and disconnect the cartridge.

Best features:

  • Slim line
    • Double burner
    • Great wind protection

#2 VODA Wood Stove

Weight: 808g

Lightweight, stainless steel, wood-burning that lets you to cook the old-fashioned way.

This is a sturdy, one-pot, wood-burning stove. Simply fill the central chamber with wood, branches and twigs from the campsite and light. No need to worry about running out of gas!

It is a great choice for camping, hiking, picnicking, or even just using it in the back garden.

It has a large opening that allows you to keep adding fuel as you are cooking and a rugged base plate with an ash net.

Best of all, when you are finished cooking you can toast your marshmallows over the embers!

Best features:
• Environmentally friendly
• Lightweight
• Easy to use

#3 PSKOOK Folding Burner

Weight: 840g

An ideal stove for a quick meal on the trail.

This stainless steel stove is not only incredibly light, but it also folds down flat and can be stored in its own carrying case.

It burns solid fuel and can be used with wood, charcoal, fuel tablets, and anything else you might find on the hike.

It is easily assembled; you simply unfold the walls, install the ash plate, lay the grill and stand on the top and it’s ready to use.

The perfect stove for the outdoor enthusiast.

Best features:
• Easy to assemble
• Carry case supplied
• Burns multiple fuels

#4 Lightweight Portable Cooking Stove

Weight: 3.8kg

A small but mighty mini-burner that will have dinner ready in minutes.

This mini burner stands at only 17cm, but what it lacks in height, it certainly makes up for in power. It will have a litre of water boiling in just over three minutes!

It is supported by three sturdy feet that form a rugged tripod that can be positioned anywhere.

It has a fully adjustable flame control and it uses standard gasoline fuel.

It also comes with a very useful maintain tool that acts as a nozzle cleaning needle and spanner in one.

Best features:
• Sturdy
• Powerful
• Maintenance tool included

#5 NJ-268 Two Burner

Weight: 3.8kg

A high end, two-burner aluminium stove – great for feeding larger groups on the campsite.

This is a great looking, tough stove that offers incredibly efficient outdoor cooking.

It comes supplied with four butane canisters which should be enough to keep you cooking for a few trips – each canister offering an impressive 2.5-3 hours on full heat.

The pan supports are easily removed allowing you to quickly wipe the stove down after use.

It has an automatic electric ignition and an accurate flame adjustment control.

Best features:
• Gas included
• Automatic ignition
• Flame control


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