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Top 6 Toy Robots Review 2021

Back in the day, toy robots were nothing more than stationery plastic figurines.
As you know those days are gone forever, and you can see some of the most popular kids robots below. 

CIRO 12-in-1 Stem Solar Robot

A flexible, solar-powered friend for your child.
Weight: 450 Grams | Colour: Brown, Blue, Black | Battery-Powered: No | Remote-Operated: No
+ You don’t need to buy batteries because it is solar-powered
+ It has 12 basic designs (and more)
+ The robot can go through water
- It is too complex for young children
CIRO is perfect for young kids who love complicated things.
It is a solar-powered machine, meaning you don’t have to buy batteries for it. Children around 8-12 years old can figure out its 12 different designs, and they can create more unique ones if they’re creative enough.
CIRO can also wade through water, making him a fun companion wherever you want to go.

LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander 3-in-1 Set

Droids from the legendary Star Wars franchise.
Weight: 1.66kg | Colour: Multi-Coloured | Battery-Powered: Yes | Remote-Operated: Yes (via phone app)
+ Iconic robots from the Star Wars movie franchise
+ You can program them to conduct 40 different missions
+ It has an accompanying app that your kids can solve the missions in
- You can only control one robot at a time
If you’re a big Star Wars fan, you can use these droids to teach your child a thing or two.
This LEGO Star Wars set is an amazing find you can take advantage of.
It features the legendary R2-D2 droid and his underrated friends from the films.
Your kids can take their time assembling them, and when they’re done, you can download an app they can use to finish various missions.

Vector Companion Robot

The friendliest AI companion you will have.
Weight: 158.76 | Colour: Black | Battery-Powered: Yes | Remote-Operated: No
+ The robot can detect your presence anytime due to its extreme sensitivity
+ It constantly updates because it is always connected to the cloud
+ It is a wonderful companion and home assistant
- You cannot use it as a teaching tool
Vector is a smart and playful companion that your kids will truly love.
He can easily sense when you’re there, he knows the answers to a lot of questions, and he is a worthy household assistant.
He can set alarms, take pictures, and he can even change the temperature if you connect him to Alexa.
These are only a few of Vector’s awesome features, and if you want to find out the rest, you should definitely get this robot.

Boxer - Interactive AI Robot Toy

A small and quirky remote-controlled robot.
Weight: 360 Grams | Colour: Black  | Battery-Powered: Yes | Remote-Operated: Yes
+ The smallest yet most hyper robot you will find
+ It has a compact remote control for you to enable its tricks
+ You can scan 10 different game cards to customise its movements
- There are no volume control settings
This mini robot has the biggest personality you will ever see.
Boxer loves to run around, do tricks, and impress his owners with his cheerful vibe. By using a compact remote control, you can make him flip and roll around any surface.
Boxer also loves to play with his users, so by using the 10 game cards he came with, you can interact with him in different ways.

HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena

For kids who have an arena fighting spirit.
Weight: 1.66kg | Colour: Multi-Coloured | Battery-Powered: Yes | Remote-Operated: Yes
+ Perfect for kids who love a bit of action with their toys
+ The plastic arena is large and always battle-ready
+ You can use different fighting weapons
- Some of the materials are cheaply made
If your kids love robot fights, this item will definitely hype them up.
The package comes with a full-blown arena with loads of weapons, and it also features two battle-ready robots (in case you don’t have any).
All of the weapons are customisable, and they can mix them up to create their preferred clobbering tool.

Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

The best toy robot from an iconic film.
Weight: 100 Grams | Colour: Multi-Coloured | Battery-Powered: Yes | Remote-Operated: No
+ Perfect for fans of the Toy Story series
+ It has Buzz Lightyear’s exact features from the movies
+ It walks forward and backward, and it also has a secret move
- The movements are limited and might bore your kid out
This final item is perfect for huge Toy Story fans.
If you have been watching since the first film, you’ll understand the hype of having a Buzz Lightyear action figure.
Well, you’re in luck, because this toy promotes the exact look and features of the same Buzz Lightyear in the movies!
Not only will you entertain your child with this product, you will also get to fulfill a dream that most kids longed for since the film was released.
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