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Best Kids Face Masks Ireland

Facemasks are becoming a part of our daily lives.


We all recognise the front door routine: wallet – check, keys – check, mobile phone – check, and now, facemask – check!

Whilst adult masks seem to be available everywhere, kids masks are a little more difficult to find. Have a look at some of these and keep the whole family safe…

#1 Washable Bandanas

Pieces: 4

Brightly coloured washable bandanas with detachable filters.

These soft, breathable bandanas provide a great combination of safety and comfort.

They have handy, adjustable ear straps that allow them to fit a variety of children’s faces.

They are supplied with 20 filters which cannot themselves be washed but are available to buy separately. The manufacturer recommends replacement once a week.

Made from 100% polyester with eye-catching dinosaur motifs, these are perfect for kids.

Best features:
• Washable
• Adjustable ear straps
• Filters supplied

#2 Fascigirl Mouth Mask

Pieces: 4

Washable, cotton masks in four different designs.

These black cotton masks are printed with four different striking white designs. A bear, a zipper, a smile, and a moustache.

Kids can wear a different one each day and make safety that little bit more fun!

The cotton makes the masks light and breathable, and washing the material is very easy. Simply hand wash in 30-degree water and leave to drip dry.

Best features:
• Great designs
• Cotton
• Easy to wash

#3 LUNGEAR Neck Gaiter

Pieces: 1

A safe, multifunctional option that combines the safety of a mask with the kudos of a snood.

For your little ones that might feel a little self-conscious wearing an obvious mask, this gaiter is a great alternative.

It is available in a range of different colours and designs, everything from camouflage green to pink unicorns.

There are twelve different ways to wear it. When it is not needed as a mask, it functions as a scarf, a hood, a beanie, a hairband, and even a pirate hat!

Twelve different products for one low price.

Best features:
• Multiple uses
• Lots of different designs
• Perfect for those uncomfortable with traditional masks

#4 Little Blue House

Pieces: 1

A fun, printed tractor mask that a suitable for any size head.

This is a competitively priced mask that sports a lovely red tractor design on a navy blue background.

It has high quality, double-woven cotton layers that minimize droplet transmission.

It has comfortable, elastic ear loops that are designed to fit any size of head.

Though not supplied with a filter, there is a pocket between the two layers that will accommodate one should you want extra protection.

The mask is fully machine washable.

Best features:
• Great tractor design
• Comfortable elastic ear straps
• Machine washable

#5 Aquarius Kids

Pieces: 1

Brightly coloured washable bandanas with detachable filters.

With these fun masks, kids can choose from a variety of fun designs. Whether they go for the teddies, the dinosaurs, the ocean dwellers, or the little monsters, you can be sure that they will be comfortable and safe, whilst looking cool!

They are also designed with a handy metal nose bridge that can be adapted for different shapes and sizes.

They feature a woven pocket for replaceable filters and each mask comes in its own individually sealed bag.

Best features:
• Great choice of designs
• Adjustable metal nose bridge
• Comes in a sealed bag.

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