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Top Baby Garden Swings

It must be one of the most iconic images of childhood.

A new parent pushing their little one back and forth on a swing.

The little one screaming with delight as they go higher and higher - and the poor parent rubbing at their arms with all the exertion!

As a child, I still remember the disappointment that I would feel upon arriving in the playground and seeing the one swing occupied.

Queuing up for ages watching other children get pushed on the swing was not my idea of fun! If only we had had our own garden swing…


A solid, beech wood swing built to withstand the elements.

This traditional style wooden swing is shock resistant and has a comfortable, ergonomic curved design.

The 180cm adjustable rope comes fitted with galvanised metal rings, ideal for hanging on a tree or beam.

The seat itself is 40cm x 20cm which is large enough to fit an older child or even an adult (if they let you!)

It can take a maximum load of 100kg, and it comes with simple, step-by-step assemble instructions.

Best features:
• Weather-resistant
• Large seating area
• Curved design



A fun, colourful hammock swing chair.

This innovative hammock chair is made from sturdy cotton and has a load-bearing weight of 80kg.

It is available in a range of bright colours such and is very easy to clean.

It is suitable for children from the ages of 3 years and up

It is easy to hang and can be mounted in a child's bedroom, the backyard or even taken on family outings.

It comes supplied with an inflatable, removable cushion.

Best features:
• Range of colours
• Very portable
• Easy to mount


A toddler swing that comes complete with a folding frame.


This super little swing is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

It has a UV-resistant, fabric infant seat with built-in back support.

It has a robust, powder-coated steel frame that folds down when not in use for easy storage.

It is suitable for children between the ages of 6-36 months and will provide hours of safe swinging for your toddler.

The seat can be removed for quick, efficient cleaning.

Best features:
• Foldable frame
• Comfortable seat with back support
• Easy to clean

Child's Plastic Swing

A well-priced swing made from rugged, ridged plastic.


This tough little swing has galvanised metal hanging rings that enable you to fit it to most swing and climbing frames.

It is super value for money and comes in an attractive dark green clour which will blend nicely into your garden.

The plastic is ridged to increase friction and safety, even when wet.

The strong polypropylene ropes have been tested to a breaking strain of 200kg, and the swing itself has a maximum user weight of 70kg.

Best features
• Rugged plastic
• Safe, even in the wet
• Value for money


A 3 in 1 swing, perfect for the kids as they grow older.



This swing is made from wood and natural cotton and available in a range of attractive pastel colours.

It can be used with a front beam to safely secure the child in place; as a comfortable chair swing with arm and backrests; or, leave it flat with simply the cushion, seat, and ropes. A chair that grows with your child!

It can carry weights of up to 25kg and comes supplied with a sturdy 7m rope.
Whether hanging on the terrace, a tree, or in their bedroom, this swing makes a lovely addition to any home.

Best features
• 3 in 1 design
• Range of colours
• Cushion supplied

Tree Nest Swing

A fun, saucer disc swing that will keep them entertained for hours!


This 110cm disc swing is an original take on an old classic.

It is a perfect addition to a swing set, a jungle gym, an outdoor climbing frame, or a garden tree.

It detaches quickly, and its lightweight portability makes it a perfect addition to birthday parties or a trip down to the park.

It has a padded, EVA high-strength steel frame and is made from rugged. Weatherproof polypropylene.

Best features:
• Weather-resistant
• Great disc design
• Portable

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