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Top Baby Monitors for Your Home

The long day with your little one is finally at an end. Now it's time to start on all of the other chores that have been piling up over the past 24hrs!

Cooking, cleaning, ironing – unfortunately, none of them will do themselves!

However, as you go from room to room completing your to-do list, it can be a little difficult to hear noises coming from the nursery.

That is why you need a baby monitor. How else will your children be able to interrupt you and let you know that they require your attention (again!)…


A well-priced option with two-way audio and motion-detecting capabilities.

This camera connects to an app on your mobile phone over a 2.4GHz and 5GHa wifi connection.

It has a two-way audio function that enables you to chat top your little one from another room. It also has anti-noise technology that keeps the connection clear and interruption-free.

It has 1080 FHD night vision, adjusting to the light's intensity as your baby is sleeping.

It also has a sensitive motion detection facility that alerts you to movements via the app. A playback video is also available.

Best features
• Motion detector
• Two-way audio
• Playback function


A 360° camera that links to a bright 3.2" screen.

This camera is fully 360° rotatable and can also tilt up and down by 60°.

It is supplied with an LCD monitor that links to the camera using a 2.4GHz wifi signal. The monitor itself has a two-way intercom facility with a high sensitivity microphone.

The camera itself uses a lead and socket, but the monitor is supplied with a fully rechargeable battery, allowing you to monitor your baby from anywhere in the house.

The camera also features effective infrared technology for night-time viewing.

Best features:
• Infrared camera
• Fully rotatable
• Bright LCD monitor


A compact baby monitor with great quality HD sound.

This is a small, portable baby monitor that enables you to hear crystal-clear, interference-free sounds from your kid's bedroom.

It has an incredible range of 300m outdoors and 50m indoors, allowing you to get on with chores inside or in the garden, worry-free.

It features sound level lights that alert you when needed but won't interrupt you with every snuffle and yawn from their bedroom!

It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Best features:
• LED light sound alerts
• Huge range
• HD sound


A high-end camera with a raft of extra features.

This camera links to a 5" monitor with a sharp, bright display, three times clearer than many other baby monitors.

In addition to providing a great picture, the camera also plays lullabies, has a temperature-sensitive monitor with a built-in alarm, a VOX auto wake up function, and a feeding timer. It is undoubtedly quite the workhorse!

The monitor itself can link to up to four cameras( should you choose to purchase additional ones for the playroom, the kitchen, or anywhere else you might want to monitor the kids)

Best features:
• Four-camera compatible
• Huge selection of features
• Great quality monitor


A 'plug and play' camera is perfect for keeping track of active kids.

No complicated setup for this camera; you plug it in, switch on the monitor, and you're done! No need to download apps or connect to wifi.

It has a great x2 zoom function that allows you to view every detail. Zoom right in during the night to check if your little one is definitely asleep!

It features a voice auto wake-up function that triggers the screen when noise (such as a crying baby) reaches a certain decibel. This can be set to four different sound detection levels.

Best features:
• Sound detection levels
• Zoom function
• Plug-in and go

VAVA Monitor

A high-end monitor that keeps you fully connected.

This camera and monitor set offers smooth, clear video images at ranges of up to 900ft.

The monitor has a sharp, 5" screen and a long-lasting 4500mAH battery that lasts up to 24 hours.

It features a one-touch zoom that will increase the picture's size by up to four times

It also has a helpful auto-pilot panoramic mode that will scan the nursery.

The camera has an external thermostat that allows you to monitor the temperature of your baby's room.

It also features an automatic night-vision mode

Best features:
• External thermostat
• Auto-pilot scanning
• Long-lasting battery

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