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Best Air Beds & Inflatable Air Mattresses for Camping

As romantic as the idea of bedding down under the stars with nothing but a sleeping bag might be, the reality is a little less enjoyable!

After a day spent hiking, fishing, climbing and exploring the great outdoors you deserve a good night’s sleep. Let’s roll back the covers on a few options…

#1 RUNACC Sleeping Pad

Weight: 710g

The perfect choice after a long day in the wild.

Not only is this mattress light, portable and very comfortable – it even inflates itself! Simply press the pad a few times with your foot and watch it fill up.

It is spliceable so, should you want to turn it into a double mattress (or just spread out yourself!), you can easily connect two or more together.

It is made from high end 40D nylon which means it is both water and puncture resistant.

At only 710g, it can be easily rolled up and packed away with the rest of your kit without adding too much to the overall bag.

Best features:

  • Self-inflating
    • Puncture and water-resistant
    • Very light

#2 Comfort Quest

Weight: Various

A well-priced mattress available in a variety of sizes.

This product is made from tough, pre-tested vinyl and can withstand a heavy amount of wear and tear. The double version has a huge weight capacity of 295kg!

It is available in either a single or double, as well as a double with pump option.

It has a velvety surface making it wonderfully comfortable to the tough and, when fully inflated, it gives great support throughout the night.

It deflates and folds down into a convenient envelope, making it a breeze to store and carry.

Best features:
• Choice of sizes
• Soft, velvety surface
• Easy storage

#3 ACTIVE ERA Premium

Weight: 710g

A king-size, premium product – ideal for the ‘glamper’.

This mattress might be a little large for some tents, but if you are camping in style, this might be for you!

It has a built-in electric pump (mains powered), but on many a glamping trip, you will find that sockets are available.

It is fitted with 35 structured air-coils that provide maximum support to your back, neck, and spine.

Perfect for the camper that likes their tent to be a ‘home from home’.

Best features:

  • Very supportive
    • Electric pump
    • Luxurious

#4 UOUNE Inflatable

Weight: 600g

A lightweight option for those going a bit further afield.

This is an incredibly light mattress that would make a perfect choice for those doing a lot of hiking on their camping trip. At only 600g, it is one of the lightest options on the market.

When not in use, the mattress rolls away into a convenient travel bag.
It features an innovative, honeycomb design that gives great ergonomic support.

It is made from high-end 40D nylon which means it is both water and puncture-resistant.

It also features a wide, comfortable pillow.

Best features:

  • Very light
    • Comfortable pillow
    • Travel bag supplied

#5 JSVER Air Sofa

Weight: 1kg

An interesting take on the traditional air bed.

This is a great-looking product that acts as a sofa and an air-bed all in one.

Whether you are sitting down around the campfire, relaxing at the beach, or settling down for the night, this bed has you covered.

It is constructed from high-density 210 rip-stop nylon and is suitable for a range of surfaces including sand, grass and even gravel.

It is available in blue, orange, or black and would make a great addition to your traditional camping kit.

Best features:

• Multi-functional
• Puncture resistant
• Range of colours available

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