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What Are the Benefits of Wooden Climbing Frames for Kids?

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As one of Ireland's leading climbing frame suppliers, we thought that i would be helpful to share some of the key benefits of climbing frames for your kids.

1. Fantastic for outdoor and healthy outdoor play

Climbing frames are a fantastic way to encourage outdoor play and exercise.

2. Teamwork & Games

Wooden climbing frames offer a great challenge and they teach children valuable skills such as fair play and teamwork when playing games.

They can be used for team treasure hunts, just hide the treasures around the frame and let the children work together to find them all.

You can add swings or trapeze bars for even more fun and excitement. They are very versatile and can be adapted to suit any age group.

3. Versatile & Adaptable

Not only do they offer great play value for many years but the frame can be changed as your child grows up, this ensures you will get maximum value out of them because it doesn't matter what size or shape area you have for them they always fit.

Wooden climbing frames can be made into interesting and unusual shapes such as a pirate ships with slides, swings and ladders.

4. Stimulate Your Kids Imagination & Creativity

They stimulate imagination and encourage role playing.

If you child is over the age of three then they will benefit from having their own space for imaginative play. Wooden climbing structures provide them with an exciting platform which will hold their interest for many hours.

The children will talk among themselves about all the possible games they can play and this is a great way to encourage language skills and communication with other children.

This type of structure will not only improve their physical development but it will also help them to focus on their school work. They will be very active during the day and they can be out in the fresh air at the same time, so you don't have to worry about them sitting around indoors all day playing computer games or watching TV.