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Collection: Wetsuits for Children

Best Kids Wetsuits

A wetsuit is a great way to stay warmer in water as well as swim more easily.

Kids wetsuits are a good way to help children feel more comfortable whilst taking part in water sports and activities, and many also come with added UV protection too.

Here are the top kids wetsuits.

1. Gogokids Kids Wetsuit


Top Wetsuit Choice for Girls

Sizes: S-XXL | Material: Neoprene | Colour: Purple

  • Thick 2.5mm neoprene
  • UV 50+ sun protection
  • Long strap zip closure

This wetsuit from Gogokids has been created ideally for girls and is made from 2.5mm thick neoprene to protect from underwater cuts and strings as well as to provide added warmth.

This wetsuit also provides UV 50+ sun protection too and has a long strap zip closure so it is easy to take on and off.

  1. Two Bare Feet Junior Squadron Wetsuit

Top Shorty Wetsuit Choice

Sizes: XS-3XL | Material: SCR Neoprene | Colour: Blue, Fuchsia

  • Shorty wetsuit design
  • 3/2mm neoprene
  • Flatlock seams and Velcro neck

This wetsuit from Two Bare Feet comes in a shorty style making it the perfect choice for kids to wear during the warmer weather.

Made from stretchy and extra comfortable 3/2mm neoprene, this wetsuit also has flatlock seams and a Velcro neck to ensure it does not chafe either.

  1. TWF Children's Shortie Wetsuit


Soft and Flexible Wetsuit Choice for Younger Kids

Sizes: Ages 1-4 | Material: Neoprene | Colour: Black, Yellow

  • UV protection material
  • Titanium laminated lining
  • Long leash fastening

This wetsuit is ideally suited for younger children and is made from a titanium lined neoprene material that is perfect for keeping your child warm when doing water sports and activities.

The long leash fastenings also make it easy to help your child take this wetsuit on and off too.

  1. TWF Kids Pirate Shortie Wetsuit

Great Fun and Funky Wetsuit Design

Sizes: Ages 1-10 | Material: Neoprene | Colour: Blue, Black

  • Fun pirate design
  • Flatlock seams
  • Durable neoprene

This fun and funky wetsuit comes with a pirate design that is great for kids of all ages and comes in sizes from 1 to 10 years.

This wetsuit is very comfortable against the skin thanks to its flatlock seams and is made from durable neoprene material.

  1. Gul Boys Contour Wetsuit

Top Wetsuit Choice for Boys

Sizes: Ages 7-12 | Material: Neoprene | Colour: Red, Black

  • 3/2mm thick neoprene
  • UPF 40+ protection
  • Full-length legs and arms

This wetsuit from Gul is the perfect choice for boys and comes with 3/2mm thick neoprene and UPF 40+ protection to keep kids warm and safe no matter the weather when taking part in water-based activities.

This wetsuit is a full contour design and comes with full-length legs and arms.

  1. Gogokids Boys Girls Wetsuit

Great Protective Kids Wetsuit Choice

Sizes: S-XXL | Material: Neoprene, Polyamide | Colour: Multi Colour

  • Neoprene and polyamide material
  • UV 50+ protection
  • Velcro collar and a long zipper

This super safe wetsuit for kids comes in a unisex design and is made from neoprene and polyamide to protect from stings and cuts. 

This wetsuit also comes with UV 50+ protection and has a long zipper and Velcro collar for an extra secure fit.


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