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Best Leaf Blowers Ireland Review

Most people love the autumn season because of the beautiful colours. However, the leaves around the yard make it less entertaining for homeowners.

You have to keep your lawn clean all the time, and of course, you’ll need the best maintenance tools to do that.

If you still haven’t bought a leaf blower for your yard chores, here are some of the best selections you can find in the market today.


Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Blower


A highly recommended choice for first time users.


Weight: 1.6kg | Colour: Green, Black | Power Source: Battery | Blowing Speed: 245 km/h


+ It is light and easy to carry

+ The flat nozzle makes it easier to clean hard surfaces, driveways, patios, and decking

+ The 245km/h airflow removes debris in an instant

- It gets drained fast


If it’s your first time getting a leaf blower, this is the best one to start with.

This is perfect for you because it’s light and easy to use, and has a flat nozzle for you to get those stubborn areas with less effort.

The blower comes with its own battery, which means you won’t have to deal with a cord every time you are using it.


Greenworks Single Speed Electric Leaf Blower


The best budget leaf blower.


Weight: 4.65kg | Colour: Green, Black | Power Source: Plugged In | Blowing Speed: 160mph


+ The perfect leaf blower for those who are sticking on a budget

+ It is lightweight and easy to manoeuver

+ The ergonomic handle adds more comfort while you are using it

- The cord detaches from time to time


This leaf blower is perfect for those who are looking for budget-friendly choices.

The lightweight design makes it easy to manoeuver, and most of its users point out the comfortability of its handle grip.

It may not be the best, but for its price, you will get a good leafblower.


WORX Air Turbine Corded Leaf Blower


A powerful machine that gets the job done quickly.


Weight: 7.05kg | Colour: Orange, Black | Power Source: Plugged In | Blowing Speed: 120mph


+ A heavy duty leaf blower with an overwhelming airflow speed

+ The adjustable speed settings make it easier to clean different areas

+ Its large nozzle makes it efficient for various tasks

- The power cable is only 10m long


If power is what it takes to satisfy you, then this machine will surely “blow you away”.

Just by looking at the Worx Air Turbine, you will see that it’s powerful enough to clean your yard within minutes.

The 2,500W motor, paired with its large nozzle, gives you the chance to work on those leaves without exerting too much effort.

The airflow speed is also adjustable, which means you can set it to your liking whenever you want.


Makita 4-Stroke Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower


The best petrol leaf blower.


Weight: 4.4kg | Colour: Blue, Black | Power Source: Petrol | Blowing Speed: 10.1 cubic meters/min


+ The 4-stroke engine provides that old-school feel

+ Its fuel tank can hold up to 0.52 litres of petrol

+ Easily adjustable airflow speed

- The air inlet’s position makes it difficult to use for right-handed people


This petrol leaf blower is a good choice if you don’t like electric-powered ones.

It functions the same way as other blowers, but the catch is, it has a 4-stroke engine that gives an old school vibe.

It also has a trigger control for easier airflow adjustments, and the fuel tank can hold enough petrol for a day’s work.


BLACK+DECKER High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher


A multi-functional machine for easier yard maintenance.


Weight: 9lbs | Colour: Black, Orange | Power Source: Plugged In | Blowing Speed: 250mph


+ It functions as a leaf blower, a vacuum, and a mulcher

+ You can attach disposable leaf bags for easier cleaning and maintenance

+ The built-in retainer keeps the cord from detaching while you are working

- The leaf bag is not durable


If we’re talking about getting your money’s worth, then here is a multi-functional machine for you.

Not only does it function as a leaf blower, it can vacuum and mulch up those leaves too!

You can also attach a disposable leaf bag on it, so you won’t make a mess while you’re cleaning.

Of course, the best part about it is the built-in retainer, which keeps the cord from detaching every time you’re using it.


McCulloch Backpack Leaf Blower


One of the premium leaf blowers in the market.


Weight: 9.16kg | Colour: Black, Yellow | Power Source: Petrol | Blowing Speed: 355km/h


+ The backpack allows you to carry the engine

+ Its trigger grip makes it easy to control

+ An extremely powerful tool that could clean up your yard within minutes

- It burns fuel like a beast


This petrol leaf blower works like a beast when removing those stubborn elements.

Due to the large size of its motor, you actually have to carry it around with a backpack.

You don’t have to worry about straining though, because the thick strap paddings provide enough ergonomic support.

The only drawback to it is that it burns fuel like a monster, but considering the amount of work it does, that’s a forgivable factor.

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