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Jumpking Trampoline Brand Review

Jumpking Trampolines offer a variety of different trampoline models, so you can easily find the perfect one for your family.
As one of the top selling trampoline brands, you can trust that Jumpking Trampolines are fun for all ages, as well as providing a safe jumping experience too.
Here are just a few reasons as to why you should consider buying your trampoline from Jumpking.

Easy Assembly

Unlike some trampoline brands, Jumpking offer models that are easy and quick to assemble.
This means less time waiting around and more time bouncing! Thanks to their top rail system, all the rest of the trampoline parts simply snap into place, so now you don't have to worry about taking hours to put together your new trampoline.

Safe to Use

As well as being easy to assemble, all trampolines from Jumpking are also completely safe and secure, so parents and carers can watch their children playing with confidence.
All of their trampolines come with their unique enclosure system, and this patented safety feature means there is no risk of anyone falling off the trampoline when playing or jumping.
Jumpking Trampolines are also made to be durable and sturdy, with special 'W' legs that provide unrivalled support to the trampoline frame. Their springs have also been designed to create a softer and more stable bounce, giving you more control when jumping for added safety too.

Models on Offer - 



Jumpking trampolines offers a wide variety of trampoline models. These include -

14ft Trampoline
Rectangular in shape, this trampoline is perfect for larger gardens and outdoor spaces.
Easy to install, this trampoline offers their patented enclosure system and is ideal for doing longer jumps. There is also plenty of space for all the family to play on this trampoline model too.
15ft Trampoline
This model of trampoline is one of Jumpking's bestsellers, and it is easy to see why.
This high quality model is large enough for plenty of children and adults to all play together, all whilst being safe and secure within the Jumpking enclosure system netting.
However, do be aware that this trampoline does come with a weight limit of 114kg, so do keep this in mind if you want a trampoline that is capable of supporting more weight than this.
7 x 10ft Rectangular Trampoline
This rectangular trampoline is smaller than some of the other Jumpking models, making it the more suitable option if you have a smaller garden or want a trampoline that is not going to dominate your outdoor space.
This model comes with all the high quality safety features you would expect and is really easy to assemble.

Trampoline Oval
Finally, the oval shaped trampoline from Jumpking is again great for larger spaces, and although it does not have the length of the rectangular models, it more than makes up for this in width.
Perfect for bouncing, jumping and all trampoline games, the oval is another excellent trampoline choice from Jumpking.
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