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Premium Trampolines by ETAN

An Etan Premium trampoline, the European produced quality trampoline. With a safety pad made of extra-strong German PVC and Dutch springs, the Etan Premium trampoline is of unequalled quality. The tight design through the qualitative European materials, long warranty periods and the smooth jumps, through Etan’s unique 

Etan UltraFlat Trampoline

The Etan UltraFlat trampoline is the trampoline for the jumper who wants to make the coolest jumps. Made of qualitative European materials and produced in Etan’s own factory in Europe.

A 3mm thick tubular frame provides a powerful base, an Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat for optimal airflow and the Etan QuickSpring springs for the ultimate powerful jump! The Etan UltraFlat trampoline is a level in-ground trampoline with a lifetime guarantee*.

Etan Hi-Flyer Trampoline

A good Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline for a great price. Our Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline is perfect as a first trampoline for the whole family! The Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline has a 3mm thick safety pad, unheard of in this price class. Available as an in-ground trampoline and as an standing model. Are you ready for ultimate jumping fun?

Trampolines have been in our gardens for many years, but not every trampoline is the same. Many trampoline brands, for instance, come from the far east. At Etan Trampolines, we produce our Etan Premium and Etan UltraFlat trampolines ourselves in our own factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We opt for European materials, European production standards, and European quality. Because we produce within the European borders, we are not dependent on Asia, which enables us to produce customized products and to quickly adapt to your needs.

But the high quality is not the only reason why we made this step. We want to offer equal opportunities to the less fortunate in our society. That is why our factory is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A country that is in the middle of the aftermath of a war. There, we help orphanages by donating clothes and food, offer our employees long-term contracts and try to help them build a future. This is how we do our bit. Are you curious about our story?

The ETAN Trampoline Story

Etan Trampolines was founded in 1988. With years of experience comes dedication. We dedicate ourselves to provide more. More safety, more quality, and more fun. Our mission is to make the safest high-end trampolines that bring joy to every family.

Playing is at the heart of our organization. Even our days at the office involve jumping on trampolines. We want our customers to experience immense joy, happiness and pure fun whilst using our trampolines.

Ultimate Safety and Quality

For us, safety is essential. We do not compensate when it comes to safety and make sure that we provide high quality products to our customers. Quality check, safety check, quality check and one more safety check.

ETAN deeply believe in our responsibility to society. We respect our customers and the environment by building safe, long-lasting products from durable materials. By producing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we try to contribute to those in need and encourage economic equality in our own way.

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