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Best Wireless Headphones Ireland 2021

Wireless headphones allow you to stay connected to all your devices and gadgets without having the restriction of wires.

Ideal for wearing during gaming, exercising, and on the go, wireless headphones can come in both an over-ear as well as an in-ear style too.

Here are the best wireless headphones. 


1. 65 Wireless Headphones

Flexible and Comfortable Wireless Headphones

Colour: Rose Gold, White | Connections: Wireless / Wired | Style: Over-Ear

  • Bluetooth 5.0 chip for superior sound
  • Foldable design, wireless or wired
  • SD card space

These wireless headphones come with extra cushioning so are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and can also be used with a wire for added convenience as well.

These headphones have an over-ear style and are foldable to make them easy to pack up and take on the move.

These high-quality wireless headphones are both Bluetooth and SD card compatibility too, making it easier than ever to enjoy your music on the move. 

2. AUKEY True Wireless Earphones

Best Wireless Earbud Choice

Battery Life: 5 hours | Colour: Black | Connections: USB | Style: In Ear

  • 10 mm dynamic high fidelity audio earphones
  • Easy touch controls
  • One step Bluetooth connection

These wireless headphone earbuds offer superior high fidelity audio quality at just 10mm and can be controlled by just a single touch.

These wireless headphones easily connect to all your devices via Bluetooth and have a built-in microphone so you can also make calls easily too.

3. Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones

Top Long Lasting Battery Wireless Headphones

Battery Life: 35 hours | Colour: White | Connections: Wireless, USB | Style: Over-Ear

  • 35 hours of battery life and quick charge option
  • Hands-free calls with built-in microphone
  • Easy swivel fold design

These high quality wireless headphones from Sony come with an impressive 35 hours of battery life and also have the option of a quick charge too, giving you 90 minutes of listening time from just a 10 minute charge.

You can also easily make calls thanks to the built-in microphone and the easy swivel fold design makes these headphones comfortable to wear and store. 

4. DOQUAS Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Choice

Battery Life: 52 hours | Colour: Black | Connections: Bluetooth | Style: Over-Ear

  • Powerful bass, balanced sound and high definition
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Noise-canceling microphone

These DOQUAS headphones connect quickly and easily via Bluetooth to all devices, TV sets and have a noise-canceling microphone for better hands-free calling too.

These wireless headphones also allow users to pick between three sound options, including powerful bass, balanced sound or high definition, for a bespoke listening experience. 

5. Riwbox Wireless Headphones

Top Powerful Bass Sound Wireless Headphone Choice

Colour: Black, Gold | Connections: Wireless, USB | Style: Over-Ear

  • 50mm large diameter for deeper sound
  • 40mm speaker for better bass
  • Noise-isolating ear pads

These wireless headphones offer a superior bass sound thanks to their 50m large-diameter headphones to create a deeper and more immersive sound.

The built-in 40mm speaker creates an amazing bass sound and the noise isolation earpads help to minimise any unwanted outside noise. You can also use these headphones to easily make calls too.

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