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Collection: Best Kids Drones for 2021

Drone Review: Top 10 Kids Drones for 2021

In recent years the drone has become the must have gadget for fans of fun tech.

As drones have increased in popularity, so has the range of designs available.

Nowadays the market is full of drones specifically made for children.

With a range of supportive flying features, and safety features, there’s no reason for kids to miss out on the fun of flying a drone in 2021.

Peainbox Toys Q9 RC Drone

Weight: 90g | Controller: Yes | Flight Time: 13-16 minutes | Charging Time: 60 minutes

The Q9 RC Drone from Peainbox Toys is a fantastic smaller drone for children.

The Q9 is a safe, lightweight option that still boasts enough build quality to weather knocks and crashes.

Its simple control system includes a one-click take-off and landing, as well as an auto hovering mode.

For these reasons, the Q9 is a drone with a welcoming learning curve for young pilots.

With its clear and bright LED lights, it looks the part too.

It is not quite as manoeuvrable as other models however, meaning advanced flyers may need to look elsewhere.


Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone

Weight: 40g | Controller: Yes | Flight Time: 7-10 minutes | Charging Time: 40 minutes

From the designers at Potensic comes the A20 Mini Drone, a great choice for kids.

The compact form of the A20 makes it resistant to knocks, but with lots of safety features young children will find themselves making few mistakes.

As well as simple take-offs and landings, and an altitude hold mode, the A20 has two speed settings.

As flying confidence grows, children can experiment with faster speeds.

It’s extremely small size may however make it unsuitable for outdoor use, and make it easy to lose.

Check out the POTENSIC UPGRADED A20 MINI DRONE on Amazon.

tech rc Predator TR008W

Weight: 42g | Controller: Yes | Camera: 0.3MP | Flight Time: 20 minutes | Charging Time: 60 minutes

For a slightly higher price than the entry level kids drone models, you could opt for the tech rc Predator.

Perhaps the most eye-catching, exciting aspect of this model is its in-built HD camera.

The live feed from this camera will go straight to the screen of a synced-up phone.

With an included mount, you can attach your phone onto your child’s controller, adding a new sense of excitement to their aerial exploration.

The video feed may however stutter during use, but it is clearer upon playback.

Look up the TECH RC PREDATOR TR008W on Amazon.

Holy Stone HS210

Weight: 200g | Controller: Yes | Flight Time: 7-14 minutes | Charging Time: 40-60 minutes

The Holy Stone HS210 is another popular mini quadcopter drone for children.

With 3 included batteries there’s a lot of flying time available.

This small drone can perform 3D flips, but also comes with a range of features to help beginners get their pilots’ license.

A low battery alarm, speed settings, and a headless mode will ease children into flying it safely.

Some reviewers have however noticed some unresponsive controls.

HOLY STONE HS210 Drones.

Winglescout Drone with Camera

Weight: 50g | Controller: Yes | Camera: 2MP | Flight Time: 8 minutes | Charging Time: 40-50 minutes

Like the tech rc Predator, this drone from Winglescout can be synced up to a smartphone app to provide a live video feed. 

With the drone’s wide-angle lens and ability to take photos, this drone is great for giving young, budding photographers a new view on familiar spaces. 

Whilst the drone has a shorter flying time than some simpler models, the stability and durability makes it last in other ways.



Potensic Drone with HD Camera

Weight: 40g | Controller: Yes | Camera: 0.3MP | Flight Time: 9 minutes | Charging Time: 50 minutes

A step up from Potensic’s simpler A20 model, this drone takes full advantage of smart-phone features to offer a fun but simple flying experience.

As well as controlling the drone with the beefy controller, kids can also draw flight routes on the phone screen, or control the drone with movements of the phone itself.

The HD feed from the drone provides a clear image, though some users have reported issues syncing the drone to their phones.


Hasakee H1 FPV RC Drone

Weight: 50g | Controller: Yes | Camera: 0.3MP | Flight Time: 6-8 minutes | Charging Time: 50 minutes

With its playful yellow bee design, and round form, the Hasakee H1 is a great introduction to drones for smaller children.

With a sturdy central body and supporting legs, the H1 model boasts great durability and stability.

Three speed options, automatic take-off and landing, as well as an Altitude Hold option will ease kids into the flying experience, whilst its camera feed will give kids the bee’s eye view of their flight.

That being said, it is hard to source spare parts for this model.


H6 Foldable Mini Drone

Weight: 25g | Controller: Yes | Flight Time: 10 minutes | Charging Time: 40 minutes

Perhaps one of the smallest kids drones available on the market, the H6 foldable drone gives kids the chance to control their very own bug.

This compact form extends to its foldable rotors for storage, making it a truly pocket-sized model. Though it’s small, the H6 remains easy to control.

With one press of a button the drone will land, take-off and even perform a 360 degree flip.

There are also multiple speed options and an emergency stop.

This pocket-sized model does however run the risk of being lost, and struggling in outdoor flight in windier conditions.

Check it out on Amazon - H6 FOLDABLE MINI DRONE.

Joygeek Mini Drone with Camera

Weight: 110g | Controller: Yes | Camera: 2MP | Flight Time: 15 minutes | Charging Time: 90 minutes

For those seeking a sleek, high-quality, and kid-friendly drone, this model from Joygeek may be the one for you.

The drone’s in-built camera provides a crisp live video feed, as well as the ability to plan flight routes from a smart device.

Whilst this sounds complex, the drones durable and flexible design, and low price tag, makes it a great gift idea for children with a love of tech.

For all its advanced features, Joygeek’s drone doesn’t skimp on helpful features to give new younger pilots a helping hand, though this does mean sacrifices on battery life.

Check it out on Amazon - JOYGEEK MINI DRONE WITH CAMERA.

Epoch Air LH-X40 UFO Mini Drone

Weight: 40g | Controller: Yes | Flight Time: 5-6 minutes | Charging Time: 40-50 minutes

For a real low-cost beginners drone, this model from Epoch Air is a strong choice.

With its sturdy frame, this drone is ready to weather many knocks from use by children.

It is unlikely however the drone will have many damaging collisions, thanks to its reactive sensors that will automatically dodge obstacles.

One trade-off is however its low battery life, as well as being outclassed by more expensive models in terms of manoeuvrability.


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