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Best Kayaks/ Canoes 2021 Ireland

Kayaking and canoeing is the perfect outdoor sport that allows you to get in touch with nature and disconnect from hectic modern life.

Kayaks and canoes are available in a variety of colours, sizes and styles.

Here are the best 5 kayaks and canoes for 2021.


Perfect Single Person Starter

Colour: Orange | Paddles Included: No | Number of Persons: One |

  • Load-bearing: 250kg
  • Single person kayak
  • Material: Low-density polyethylene

This kayak is the ideal choice for single person use, especially for beginners as it is so simple to use.

This kayak is able to hold loads of up to 250kg and is made from sturdy yet still lightweight low-density polyethylene, making it easy to transport and well as to store when not in use.

Available in eye-catching orange, this kayak continues to rate highly as a good option for beginners.

2. Riber Standard

Great Starter Pack Choice

Colour: Green | Paddles Included: Yes | Number of Persons: One |

  • Paddle and backrest included
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great for any ability

This starter pack kayak comes with a paddle and backrest included and is lightweight and easy to transport on the move, as well as easy to store away when you do not want to use it.

Comfortable to sit in thanks to the inclusion of the backrest, this kayak is perfect for beginners as well as for expert users too, and has a built-in keel which makes it simple and quick to maneuver when you are out on the water.

3. Riber One Person

Comfortable Kayak Model

Colour: Multi | Paddles Included: Yes | Number of Persons: One |

  • Added storage
  • Double paddle and backrest
  • Drinks holder and foot rest

This kayak is one of the most comfortable choices currently available and comes with added storage space included, as well as a double paddle and backrest too.

For added comfort when paddling, this model also comes with its own drinks holder and footrest, so you can take the time to relax and enjoy the scenery whilst you are kayaking out on the water, plus its side handles make it easy to transport and carry on the move as well.


Top Inflation Choice

Colour: Orange | Paddles Included: Yes | Number of Persons: Two |

  • Top inflatable choice
  • Comfortable cockpit
  • Easy inflation and deflation

Made from vinyl, this easy to inflate and deflate kayak is is the ideal inflatable choice and it can also be used by two persons at once.

The comfortable cockpit comes complete with inflatable backrests that help to make this kayak an enjoyable choice to paddle in tandem.

Moreover, this kayak has also been designed with a V-shaped bow, which is great for gliding through the water and increasing speed too.

This inflatable kayak can also easily be transported and stored away when not in use.

5. Intex

The Luxury Kayak

Colour: Green | Paddles Included: Yes | Number of Persons: Two |

  • Strong and luxury kayak
  • Inflatable beam floor for added stability
  • Includes repair kit

This inflatable kayak comes with an added hint of luxury thanks to its spacious and comfortable design, which also includes an inflatable beam floor for added stability and balance when you are out on the water.

This kayak also comes complete with a repair kit, so you can easily fix any problems either at home or when you are using the kayak out in the open.

This kayak also has 3 air compartments as part of its design, which helps to make this kayak easy to inflate and deflate too.

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